Calgary Flames Game Day: Closing out the Young Stars Classic against the Jets (11am MT)

Photo credit:Candice Ward/Calgary Wranglers
Ryan Pike
6 months ago
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After splitting their first two outings on Friday and Saturday, the Calgary Flames will try to end their trip to Penticton on a winning note when they face the Winnipeg Jets. The Flames got trounced by Vancouver on Friday, but bounced back with a good outing and an overtime victory against Edmonton on Saturday. Can the Flames follow the advice of the great singer Meat Loaf and take out out of three of their Young Stars Classic games? Let’s find out in a Monday matinee game!
The puck drops shortly after 11 a.m. MT and you can catch the action streamed live on the Flames’ website (and their various social media channels) and hear the action on Sportsnet 960 The Fan!

The Flames

Projected lines via Pat Steinberg:
Parker Bell – Rory Kerins – Matt Coronato
Samuel Honzek – Jaden Lipinski – William Stromgren
Lucas Ciona – Nathan Pilling – Adam Klapka
Oliver Tulk – Ilya Nikolaev – Mark Duarte
Yan Kuznetsov – Etienne Morin
Jarrod Gourley – Mikael Diotte
Quinn Mantei – Tyson Galloway
Connor Murphy starts in net, backed up by Jari Kykkanen. The extras are the same as Saturday’s: Matt Radomsky, Charles Cote, Donovan McCoy and Oliver Peer.
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Players to watch: Y’know who’s been consistently noticeable so far? Lucas Ciona! Y’know who’s been a little less noticeable? Parker Bell. That’s not to say that Bell’s been bad, far from it, but he just hasn’t projected himself (so far) in a way that allows one to imagine what his role would be in the AHL. Both Ciona and Bell are entering their 20-year-old seasons. Ciona seems like a lock to go pro. Bell’s status seems a bit fuzzier. He can bring it into focus with a good finish to this tournament.

The Jets

Projected lines via Jamie Thomas:
Daniel Torgersson – Brad Lambert – Connor McClennon
Colby Barlow – Chaz Lucius – Nikita Chibrikov
Carson Golder – Jacob Julien – Parker Ford
Thomas Caron – Henri Nikkanen – Connor
Simon Lundmark – Elias Salomonsson
Dmitri Kuzmin – Simon Kubicek
Artemi Kniazev –  Jordan Tourigny
Thomas Milic starts in net, backed up by Domenic DiVincentiis.
Players to watch: Man, take your pick from Winnipeg’s projected top six here. In particular, Brad Lambert and Chaz Lucius are fascinating prospects and should be big, big pieces of the Jets’ future.
Stay tuned to FlamesNation for a full post-game breakdown of each Calgary Flames game at the 2023 Young Stars Classic!

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