FlamesNation prospect update: comings and goings

Dustin Wolf
Photo credit:Chris Mast/Everett Silvertips
Ryan Pike
2 years ago
We’re nearing the end of many seasons, but a lot of Calgary Flames’ most interesting and exciting prospects still have important games left to play. Heck, there’s also been a fair amount of prospect news!
Let’s check in on all the Flames’ prospects!

In case you missed it:

  • Last week’s update
  • Done for the season are Jake Boltmann (NCAA), Daniil Chechelev (MHL), Demetrios Koumontzis (NCAA), Mitchell Mattson (NCAA), Josh Nodler (NCAA), Ilya Solovyov (KHL) and Filip Sveningsson (HockeyAllsvenskan)
  • Tyler Parsons is still working through quarantine after recovering from his injury and is expected to join Stockton soon
  • Josh Nodler and Mitchell Mattson were both named to Big Ten’s All-Academic Team
  • Yan Kuznetsov signed his entry level deal and will report to Stockton to begin his pro career
  • Dustin Wolf was named the WHL’s goaltender of the week for the second straight week

Lucas Feuk- LW, AIK, Allsvenskan/J20 Nationell / Kalix HC, HockeyEttan

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Allsvenskan up to date141011112.33
Change from last weekn/a
HockeyEttan up to date1812618131713n/a
Change from last weekn/a
J20 up to date8281066319.78
Change from last weekn/a
Kalix advanced to HockeyEttan’s playoffs, where they’ll play Boden HF in the first round. Feuk didn’t dress for the last two games of their play-in series and while information is scant on Sweden’s third league, it’s likely he was dealing with an injury of some kind that kept him out.

Ryan Francis- C, Cape Breton Eagles/Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2411253621261534.93
Change from last week3033221-1.67
With Yan Kuznetsov signed, Francis immediately moves to the front of the line for the Flames in terms of who likely gets signed next. Francis had a very Francis week, in that he was pointless in two games but reportedly played well, then rattled off three assists in a single game for Saint John.
He does some of his best work with puck retrieval and quick passes from below the goal line right into the home plate area. He’s 11th in the QMJHL in points.

Glenn Gawdin- C, Stockton Heat, AHL / EHC Visp, Swiss League

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date14281095428.47
Change from last week3123322+3.11
Swiss League up to date2000000n/a
Change from last weekn/a
A two point game for Gawdin nudged him into point-per-game territory for the week. He remains one of the Heat’s most important 200-foot players and arguably their best centre right now.

Rory Kerins- C, Stockton Heat, AHL / Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, OHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date30000000.00
Change from last week1000000n/a
Kerins only played once this week for a depleted Heat club, who leaned on their AHL signings hard. But remember: he’s 18, he’s playing against grown men, and the value for his development right now is being able to regularly practice with guys who are knocking on the door for NHL gigs. It’s not that big of a deal that he’s not playing a lot of games.

Johannes Kinnvall- D, HV71, SHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date3271522812533.60
Change from last week3000000-3.48
The good news: Kinnvall has returned from injury!
The bad news: HV71 is going to finish their season as the worst team in the SHL standings. They’ll play the winner of the HockeyAllsvenskan playoffs in a little bit, with the winner getting an SHL spot and the loser going to the second league.
It’s possible that Kinnvall could come to Calgary to play for Stockton when that series is over, but the timing could be complicated by the visa process and quarantine regulations.

Justin Kirkland- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1625734117.44
Change from last week1000000-1.16
Kirkland is nursing a lower body injury.

Carl-Johan Lerby- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1606623114.94
Change from last week3011100-0.39
In his first North American games, Lerby has become quite consistent. He’s good for an assist per week and he’s playing pretty decent two-way hockey.

Connor Mackey- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date183811107724.35
Change from last week3235444+8.41
Quietly, Mackey has found another gear offensively in his rookie pro season. He had points in every game this week and has really used his skating to open up a lot of different looks for his teammates.

Ilya Nikolayev- C, Buran Voronezh, VHL / Loko Yaroslavl, MHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
VHL up to date377613512511.27
Change from last weekn/a
MHL up to date218101817171418.27
Change from last weekn/a
Loko has advanced to the MHL’s conference final round, where they’ll play against Irbis Kazan. Nikolayev hasn’t gotten a ton of offense, but he’s been a useful face-off ace for the club in a secondary role. He’s basically his team’s Mikael Backlund for the playoffs – not playing a ton, but getting match-ups and key face-offs.

Jakob Pelletier- LW, Val-d’Or Foreurs, QMJHL / Team Canada, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2611294026272035.83
Change from last week2246655+2.84
Pelletier continues to chug along in the QMJHL. He’s the captain of one of the league’s top teams and he finds ways to hit the scoresheet in basically every game. He had a five-point game this week and is tied for seventh in the QMJHL in scoring – not bad when you consider he missed two months due to the World Junior camp and tournament.

Emilio Pettersen- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date17461067423.44
Change from last week3000000-5.03
Pettersen’s going through a bit of a dry spell offensively.

Matthew Phillips- C/RW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date18610161012835.42
Change from last week3011111-4.43
Like Pettersen, Phillips is going through an offensive dry spell.

Luke Philp- C/RW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date187815911733.21
Change from last week3202222-1.33
Philp scored a pair of goals this week and has helpfully found his offensive mojo while some of his teammates have been fighting the puck a bit.

Jeremie Poirier- D, Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date247202717201126.20
Change from last week3145342+1.80
Poirier has gotten into a nice offensive groove lately, finding ways to get points in basically every game.
He’s seventh in the QMJHL among defensemen in points.

Colton Poolman- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date121233339.96
Change from last week2101111+1.99
Poolman has returned from his injury and scored his first professional goal this past week.

Martin Pospisil- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL / HC Kosice, Tipsport Liga

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date14561148331.31
Change from last weekn/a
Liga up to date2298179138n/a
Change from last weekn/a
Pospisil will miss the rest of the season due to shoulder surgery. He also dealt with a nasty-looking knee injury, so he’s had some bad luck in that department.

Adam Ruzicka- C, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1889171014937.64
Change from last week3123322+0.44
Second-year pro Ruzicka has found his consistency offensively this season, as he’s still among the team’s offensive leaders in most categories. If this is the real Ruzicka, he could be a big asset to the NHL club before too long.

Eetu Tuulola- RW, Stockton Heat, AHL / Vasterviks IK, HockeyAllsvenskan / SaiPa, SM-Liiga

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date171344119.38
Change from last week3011100+0.84
Allsvenskan up to date112244338.88
Change from last weekn/a
Liiga up to date40000000.00
Change from last weekn/a
Tuulola notched an assist playing in a secondary role for the Heat.

Alexander Yelesin- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date171344229.38
Change from last week3000000-2.01
Moved up to the top pairing with Michael Stone and Alex Petrovic with the Flames, Yelesin didn’t really hit the scoresheet very much.

Connor Zary- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL / Kamloops Blazers, WHL / Team Canada, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date934775531.00
Change from last weekn/a
WHL up to date213424249.53
Change from last week2134242+49.53
Zary finally began his WHL season and did so with style. He had a game with three assists, then in the other game he had a fight and a shorthanded goal to send it to overtime. Kamloops won both games. Their schedule third game this week was postponed due to a positive COVID test among Kelowna’s staff.

Dmitry Zavgorodniy- RW, Stockton Heat, AHL / SKA St. Petersburg, KHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date180000000.00
Change from last week3000000n/a
KHL up to date603332232.88
Change from last weekn/a
Zavgorodniy has the worst puck luck I’ve ever seen. When you watch Stockton games on AHL TV, you’ll see #17 zipping around and making nice plays with the puck. Unfortunately, nothing is going in for him or his linemates this season.

Dustin Wolf- G, Stockton Heat, AHL / Everett Silvertips, WHL / Team USA, WJC

AHL up to date31480.895
Change from last week
WHL up to date42440.991
Change from last week2124-0.009
Wolf crashed down to Earth this week, allowing a goal in his fourth game. He set a new Everett Silvertips shutout streak record and has won all four games that he’s started so far. His goals against average sky-rocketed to 0.25 and his save percentage plummeted to 0.991.
He remains one of the top amateur goaltenders in the world. (And there are a lot of goaltenders in the world.)

Artyom Zagidulin- G, Stockton Heat, AHL / Metallurg Magnitigorsk, KHL

AHL up to date52980.912
Change from last week2+117+0.004
KHL up to date52260.869
Change from last week
Returning from a spell on Calgary’s taxi squad, Zagidulin started twice and notched a win and a loss. He’s giving Stockton a chance to win on most nights.

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