FlamesNation prospect update: Stockton heating up

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Ryan Pike
1 year ago
The Stockton Heat, powered by many of the Calgary Flames’ top prospects, have won six games in a row. And elsewhere, several Flames prospects are having impressive seasons that are starting to wind down.
Let’s check in on all the Flames’ prospects!

In case you missed it:

  • Last week’s update
  • Rory Kerins is with Stockton but has yet to dress
  • Daniil Chechelev’s season has ended, as all of his teams failed to qualify for the playoffs

Jake Boltmann- D, Lincoln Stars, USHL / University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish, NCAA

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
USHL up to date60000000.00
Change from last weekn/a
NCAA up to date180000000.00
Change from last week2000000n/a
Boltmann has gone pointless in this entire regular season, though he projects more as a two-way shutdown guy so it isn’t entirely unexpected. He’ll play at least once more, as Notre Dame faces Penn State in the Big Ten playoffs.

Lucas Feuk- LW, AIK, Allsvenskan/J20 Nationell / Kalix HC, HockeyEttan

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Allsvenskan up to date141011112.33
Change from last weekn/a
HockeyEttan up to date1712618131713n/a
Change from last weekn/a
J20 up to date8281066319.78
Change from last weekn/a
Kalix was off this week. They’re on pace to finish in the playoffs.

Ryan Francis- C, Cape Breton Eagles/Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1610152513191136.39
Change from last week1404343+3.79
After being acquired in a trade Jan. 18 from Cape Breton, Francis finally made his Saint John debut on Tuesday night. He had a four goal game in a 5-3 win over Charlottetown in his first game action since Nov. 18.

Glenn Gawdin- C, Stockton Heat, AHL / EHC Visp, Swiss League

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date412322129.89
Change from last week4123221+29.89
Swiss League up to date2000000n/a
Change from last weekn/a
After the start to his AHL season was delayed for a couple weeks by a recall to the Flames, and his first five NHL games, Gawdin made his way back to Stockton this week. His lone goal was an overtime winner.

Johannes Kinnvall- D, HV71, SHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2971522812537.08
Change from last weekn/a
Kinnvall is injured. HV71 has seven games left and they’re currently in last place. Kinnvall is nearing a return, but it’s likely that he’ll be back for the relegation playoffs.

Justin Kirkland- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date812311014.94
Change from last week4112110+4.98
Kirkland is arguably the least exciting “prospect” in Stockton right now, and that’s just fine! He’s an absolutely reliable player for them, but he lacks the flash and gaudy numbers of some of his younger teammates.

Demetrios Koumontzis- LW, Arizona State University Sun Devils, NCAA

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date22461068612.41
Change from last week2000000-1.24
Arizona State’s season is done, as they aren’t in a conference and won’t play in any playoffs. Koumontzis had a fairly underwhelming junior year by the numbers.

Yan Kuznetsov- D, University of Connecticut Huskies, NCAA / Team Russia, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1515663312.89
Change from last week1000000-0.92
The regular season is over! UConn will play Providence College this weekend in the single elimination conference tournament.

Carl-Johan Lerby- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date804412119.93
Change from last week4022111n/a
Lerby has been consistent through his introduction to North American hockey. He was briefly credited with a goal, but had it changed to Martin Pospisil later in the same game.

Connor Mackey- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date814552224.91
Change from last week4123322+4.98
Mackey has been quite good for Stockton, playing on the club’s top pairing and generating a good amount of offense.

Mitchell Mattson- C, Michigan State University Spartans, NCAA

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date202244445.46
Change from last week2000000-0.61
Mattson played two games as MSU’s 13th forward.

Ilya Nikolayev- C, Buran Voronezh, VHL / Loko Yaroslavl, MHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
VHL up to date377613512511.27
Change from last weekn/a
MHL up to date218101817171418.27
Change from last weekn/a
Nikolayev is on the injured list and the timeline for his return is unclear. Loko has qualified for the playoffs and will be playing MHC Dynamo St. Petersburg in the opening round.

Josh Nodler- C, Michigan State University Spartans, NCAA

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date26381199811.55
Change from last week2000000-0.97
Nodler was used in more of a secondary role by the Spartans this past week, playing in their middle six at centre and on the wing. The Spartans are an underdog heading into the playoffs: they face Minnesota on Sunday and lost all four of their meetings during the season.

Jakob Pelletier- LW, Val-d’Or Foreurs, QMJHL / Team Canada, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date228233118201332.81
Change from last week3101010-3.96
Pelletier had a quiet week offensively, but the Foreurs kept chugging along. His lone goal this week sent a game to overtime and enabled Val-d’Or to win in a shootout.

Emilio Pettersen- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date834734134.87
Change from last week4224221+4.98
After a relatively slow start to his pro career, Pettersen had a point-per-game week for the Heat. It’s hard to believe, but this is his 20-year-old season.

Matthew Phillips- C/RW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date8291167454.80
Change from last week4167432+14.95
In his third year pro, Phillips is standing out for Stockton in a big, big way. He wears a letter as alternate captain and plays on the team’s most dangerous overall line.

Luke Philp- C/RW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date824625129.89
Change from last week4044231+9.96
Philp didn’t score any goals, but he set up four in a pretty productive offensive week.

Jeremie Poirier- D, Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date16511161112823.29
Change from last week1000000-1.55
Poirier had no points in Saint John’s return to action after three and a half months off.

Colton Poolman- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date80222229.96
Change from last week4011111n/a
Poolman is still getting into a comfort zone in the AHL, but he’s managing to pick up points here and there as he adapts and adjusts.

Martin Pospisil- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL / HC Kosice, Tipsport Liga

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date844826239.85
Change from last week4314131n/a
Liga up to date2298179138n/a
Change from last weekn/a
Pospisil continues to turn heads. He’s a point-per-game player and leads Stockton in penalty minutes, all in his second pro season.

Adam Ruzicka- C, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date87512710759.78
Change from last week4336454n/a
Ruzicka had two three-point games this past week, leads Stockton in points, and sits among the AHL’s offensive leaders.

Ilya Solovyov- D, Dynamo Minsk, KHL / Dinamo Molodechno, Belarus

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
KHL up to date4127966414.44
Change from last weekn/a
Belarus up to date1101111n/a
Change from last weekn/a
Solovyov is currently playing in the KHL’s playoffs. He currently has one assist through four games against SKA St. Petersburg – SKA leads the series 3-1.

Filip Sveningsson- LW, MODO Hockey, Allsvenskan

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date467714121199.91
Change from last week3303333+1.58
Sveningsson had a hat trick this week. MODO will end their season on Mar. 14, and they’re sitting both out of the Allsvenskan playoffs and the relegation playoffs. Odds are Sveningsson’s season ends this week.

Eetu Tuulola- RW, Stockton Heat, AHL / Vasterviks IK, HockeyAllsvenskan / SaiPa, SM-Liiga

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date81122119.96
Change from last week4112211+9.96
Allsvenskan up to date112244338.88
Change from last weekn/a
Liiga up to date40000000.00
Change from last weekn/a
Tuulola picked up his first points of his Heat season this week. He remains pretty streaky, though.

Alexander Yelesin- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date70111005.69
Change from last week4011100+5.69
Yelesin had an assist this week.

Connor Zary- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL / Kamloops Blazers, WHL / Team Canada, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date834775534.87
Change from last week4325544+14.94
One of Stockton’s most impressive players, the 19-year-old is slated to return to Kamloops once the current road trip ends for Stockton. He’s made a big statement as an underage player in the AHL, though.

Dmitry Zavgorodniy- RW, Stockton Heat, AHL / SKA St. Petersburg, KHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date80000000.00
Change from last week4000000n/a
KHL up to date603332232.88
Change from last weekn/a
Zavgorodniy is the only major Stockton prospect without a point yet, but he’s looked good.

Dustin Wolf- G, Stockton Heat, AHL / Everett Silvertips, WHL / Team USA, WJC

AHL up to date31480.895
Change from last week
Wolf is in Everett’s camp preparing for the WHL season.

Artyom Zagidulin- G, Stockton Heat, AHL / Metallurg Magnitigorsk, KHL

AHL up to date161.872
Change from last week161+.872
KHL up to date5226.869
Change from last week
Zagdulin made his NHL last week, then came down to Stockton and backstopped them to an overtime win in his first start for the Heat this season.

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