The Rangers deploying advanced systems tactics
Welcome to this week’s version of the Journal of Hockey Analytics. The final game of hockey for the 2013-14 season has been played, which means that all of your favourite bloggers and writers will now be turning their attention towards the future; the draft, free agency, and trades.
So for your slow Monday at work, continue past the jump for analysis of draft picks, and lots of cool little nuggets regarding neutral zone data and luck!
  • Rhys J looks at adjusting scoring for age in the CHL [That’s Offside]
  • Kyle Alexander has an analytical review of the Syracuse Crunch [Raw Charge]
  • Jen LC has released her years worth of Chicago Blackhawks neutral zone data with some analysis [2nd City Hockey]
  • Manny also releases his neutral zone data and analysis for the Ottawa Senators asking some questions and bringing some wrinkles to what we think we know [NHLNumbers]
  • Rhys J thinks the best player in the draft is Sam Reinhart and he is in with some elite company [Canucks Army]
  • Rhys also looks at adjusting all CHL draft-year CHL PPG by age and by era [That’s Offside]
  • Luck got a bit of attention in hockey this week with Barry Petchesky saying it is a “bullshit dump” [Deadspin]
  • Travis Yost addresses luck as Random Variance [Hockey Buzz]
  • While Jason Strudwick doesn’t believe in Puck Luck [Oilers Nation]
  • Not directly on hockey but this post made it’s way around this week on the topic of luck by Ed Smith [Four Seasons]
  • Neil Paine wrote on the possibility of a Rangers comeback when they were down 3-0 in the SCF [FiveEightThirty]
  • Neil Greenberg had a similar thought [Washington Post]
  • Adam Gretz wrote on how the Kings won []
  • IJay Palansky looks at who should win the Conn Smythe [The Star]
  • Adam Gretz writes why Justin Williams has always been very good [SBNations]
  • With the Kings second cup win Mirtle asks if they are a dynasty [Globe and Mail]
  • Drop it like It’s Ott analyzes the value of draft picks and looks to see if it is worth it for the Canucks to move from 6th to 1st [Drop It Like It’s Ott]
  • A fan post by Scott13 also was much talked about early in the week when the author presented his thesis on a thorough indictment of PDO [2nd City Hockey]
  • Darren Kennedy writes about the idea of Point Shares [McKeen’s Hockey]
  • Ryan Lambert writes about the limitations of evaluating goalies [Puck Daddy]
  • Travis Yost writes about buying low on players with low on-ice ES Sv% [The Sporting News]
  • JP Nikota asks if a team can suppress shots without possession [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Garret writes about Defensive Defencemen and their struggles in the playoffs this year [Hockey Graphs]
  • Garret writes about the realistic expectations of a 40 goal forward [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Neil Greenberg thinks Mike Green is the game changer for the Washington Capitals [Washington Post]
  • Garret Hohl writes about Evander Kane’s fancystats from this last season [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • WingedOctopus looks at Matt Niskanen’s numbers and comes to the conclusion he’s going to get paid this summer [Winging it in MoTown]
  • Garret also looks at Mike Richards and why the Jets should not sign him [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Borisnikov writes about Brayden Shenn as a possible trade target [The Oilers Rig]
  • Garret continues analyzing players looking at Bryan Little [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Neil Greenberg asks what the Capitals should do with Brooks Laich [Washington Post]
  • Thomas Davenport writes about what businesses can learn from hockey analytics [MITSloan]
  • Garret Hohl produced a primer of early hockey analytics posts [Arctic Ice Hockey]