Report: Flames Lock Up Michael Frolik

Photo Credit: Candice Ward/USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a week full of smart, calculated moves by sophomore Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving. Sounds like we’re about to get another one.

UPDATE: Sportsnet’s Elliott Friedman reports on the cap hit:

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TSN’s Bob McKenzie very recently tweeted that the Flames are closing in on winger Michael Frolik.

Chris Johnston of Sportsnet reported a similar thing, for what it’s worth.

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TVA’s Renaud Lavoie is saying the deal is done.

Frolik has been identified by such advanced stats luminaries as our own Kent Wilson as a key player for the Calgary Flames to focus in on during free agency. He can drive possession and score goals. Here’s what Kent had to say, my emphasis added.

The Jets RW/C is a slightly better scoring version of Mikael Backlund. He drives shots for and against while he’s on the ice, is a capable penalty killer and can score at a 2nd liner’s rate. Frolik is also only 27 years old, so one of the youngest free agents around, a key consideration for the Flames who are still trying to transition into contenders.

Frolik would give Calgary another legit top-6 option on the right side behind Jiri Hudler, not to mention the ideal line mate for Mikael Backlund at even strength. He could also fill in on a shut down role if the team needed to shelter guys like Bennett or Gaudreau and his presence would push Joe Colborne down the depth chart, where he would be far more comfortable.

Of course, a lot of clubs will have their eyes on Frolik, so it’s probable he’ll be priced out of a reasonable range. However, if he comes in under $5M/year, he could be a decent bet for the Flames depending on term.

He’d almost be for the forward group what Dougie Hamilton is for the defensive core: a smart, versatile option that bumps guys down the depth chart slightly, putting guys that were playing over their heads into their proper roles. That can only be a good thing.

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Time will tell if the rumoured deal materializes, and if the Flames can get it done at a manageable cap hit.

  • Cofred24

    Report out of Winnipeg that Frolik was looking for 5mill for 5, but was offered $4 for 4. Flames got him for cheaper? The new hometown discount?
    On another – Note how we are complimenting BT with no mention of BB. COMPARE this to last July 1. Honestly is BB still not in the mix? Has he changed his spots or “grown”? Seems he has….

    • RedMan

      The Good: Grant is a decent skater who doesn’t really show a dangerous top speed, but moves pretty well in a straight line for a 6’3″ forward. He’s a solid distributor who can move the puck around at a fair level and is quite coordinated. He’s not a flashy handler or distributor, but he just consistently makes the right, smart plays and rarely turns the puck over. Grant projects as an above-average to plus physical player as he’s quite effective along the walls and in front of the net. He wins a good portion of his battles and he has the frame to be a force in front of the net on the power play. Grant plays a notable defensive game and his reads in that regard are impressive.

      The Bad: Grant’s first few steps could use some work, as he can look a little slow out of the gate. He’s not a great offensive player and there’s no true standout tool to him. He needs to continue to work on his strength and conditioning.

      Projection: A below-average second to above-average third line forward who safely projects onto a top nine.

    • FeyWest

      Where’d you hear this at, left field? I’ve never heard the name myself.

      *Edit* Sounds like a depth move as is a 2-way deal basically was a Hanowski swap, maybe more upside not sure where he projects to, thanks for the info!

    • RealMcHockeyReturns

      Of course but with 5 RFA forwards (Bouma, Ferland, Jooris, Byron, Shore) to sign who could play on NHL team that may cost about $7M,then Flames up against cap. And that does not include keeping Schlemko if that’s part of the plan, so expect that players like Wideman, DJones, Raymond, Engelland, Hudler, Russell, Colborne to be in possible trades out of town. I prefer Wides, Jones, Engs, or Colborne go but you never know! Well if Smid healthy trade him but doubt it can happen.

  • everton fc

    If they don’t move Bennett back to centre;


    If they do we have Bouma/Ferland/Raymond on the left side.

    I sense a move for a 2nd line LW next.

    • TheCalgaryJames

      NO you half wit, they’ll just keep Bennett at LW in the short-term…which avoids having to give up actual assets to get someone at LW…Ferland and eventually Klimchuk are already in the pipeline at LW and will more than fill the void for our future 2nd and 3rd line LW’s.

      Please do the entire board a favour and stop posting for awhile, preferably forever

  • beloch

    Random Observation:

    By now, anyone following both of Alberta’s teams must have the impression that rapid progress is happening. Both teams have taken huge strides in the off-season so far. As much as the Flames have improved, Chiarelli’s smart moves threaten to make next season’s Battle of Alberta a less one-sided affair. The Flames still have a huge advantage, to be sure, but can they possibly win every single game against the Oilers again?

    From this, one might get the impression that, as much as the Flames have improved, they’re going to need to be even better to stand a chance in the perennially brutal Pacific conference. If the Oilers, of all teams, are starting to look like a competently run franchise, surely what awaits the Flames West of the rockies must be that much worse! Well, you’d be wrong.

    Benning is freakin’ blowing it. He traded Zach Kassian. You’d think a young, big, physical pest who plays against tough competition would command a nice return. Nope. The return was Brandon Prust, who is an aging fourth liner. After trading the admittedly “irrelevant” Bieksa for picks, you’d figure the Canucks would sign a solid UFA defenceman. They picked up Taylor Fedun, a 27-year old with just 11 games of NHL experience who was unable to crack the Oilers lineup last season. Speaking of the Oilers’ discards, Benning also signed Bachman, although it will be a dark day indeed if he ever actually plays.

    In general, the other teams in the Pacific conference are not taking steps forward and, in some cases, are taking huge leaps backwards. Alberta’s teams are on the rise! The death valley of hockey is being reborn!

  • everton fc

    Another signing I’m totally about. BT looks like the second coming of Sam Pollock right about now. He just seems to be a step or two ahead of everyone else right now.

    • everton fc

      No. The right-side for next season is set. Hudler/Frolik/Colborne/Jooris/Poirier/Shore/Jones. One of Jones/Colborne may move. And I doubt it’ll be Colborne.

      Down the middle
      Monahan/Bennett/Backlund/Stajan/Granlund (not including Jooris/Bouma/Byron, al who can play pivot, nor Arnold, whose time has not come yet)

      Left-side (weak side??)
      Gaudreau/Ferland/Bouma/Byron/Bennett, if they make him a wing/Raymond/Bollig

      This is where we need to look next.

      • Parallex

        I suspect Bennett plays center this year, I am hopeful that Raymond has a bounce back year. I suspect the line up starts something like this:


        That is already 14 forwards. I also see Shore given a chance. I like Granlund but really believe he starts in the AHL.

        There really is no room for Bollig, he should be in the AHL (Big Ern treatment) or traded.

        The back end has a number of possibilities which could include keeping Gio and TJ together, keeping Wides and Russell together and finding a partner for Hamilton say Schlemko or Spoon. Or Splitting gio up from Brodie and going TJ/Hamilton, Gio/Nakldal and Russell/Wides.

        I see Franson has still not signed.

  • TheoForever

    Hamilton became #1 on the Boston team, ahead of very old and now slower ZC. Hamilton is #3 dman in Calgary, he would be #1 on the Oilers by a mile. Hamilton has a big upside to be #1 on any team in near future, but he isn’t right now.

    BTW. He could be #2 dman right now on lots of teams.

  • Parallex

    Good stuff. Flames got precisely what they needed on July 1. Dollars are fine term is a year more then I’d like bit no free agent deal is perfect.

    We’ve got the best problem to have… a surplus of talent. We can trade some surplus guys (I’m looking at you Colborne and Raymond) for futures and get ourselves into that sweet spot that the Hawks have.

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    1st let me admit I’m a HUGE Oilers fan & also a season tickets owners…

    But what BT & The Flames have done this off-season has been awesome. I’d be jealous…but having McDavid eliminates that sentiment for now.

    If Chiarelli hadn’t been the ex-GM of Boston, Hamilton would be an Oiler, but that’s business. Oilers offered a better package but Flames were the lucky winners. Good for the Flames. Bad for my team…

    And for Frolik to be added to that great group of skilled hardworking forwards that the Flames had already, they are nearing the same territory of Edmonton’s forwards’ group. Let’s say 80% there 😉

    Now the reason why I’m posting. Allot of members here are dismissing what Talbot will bring to the Oilers. Of all fan’s, Calgary should know how it could turn out. Kiprusoff ring a bell? A good goalie stuck behind a longtime #1 goalie. And he was about the same age when he was traded from San Jose. I know we’re supposed to bitter enemies, but you have to applaud Oilers getting him. He’s got the talent & ow he has a net of his own.

    Another thing I’ve seen is people suggesting Sekera is a 5-6 D…For those of you saying that, please visit an optometrist immediately! He is a 2-3…probably more a 3, but he can very well play 2. Couldn’t you say he and Hamhuis are the same player? So basically if he was Canadian he could be in the mix to make the Olympic team. 5-6 D aren’t considered Team Canada. If he was with the Flames, couldn’t he replace Brodie’s minutes? Great pickup by the Oilers (Considering he was a UFA)…

    Now about McDavid…In 3 years he’ll be the best player in the league. But this season he’ll put up similar #’s that Gaudreau did. 60-70 points. He is not going to replicate Crosby’s #’s in his rookie year. The rules are much different then they were in ’05. Remember all the 5 on 3 PP’s that season? He’s also going to get sheltered minutes and could possibly be the half wall guy on the 2nd PP unit. It’s a bit different then most #1 picks because he’s joining a team that already has a ton of talent. If he would have went to Buffalo or Arizona then he’d be the go-to guy on the PP. So yeah, 60-70 points.

    With everything that has changed with the Oilers since getting the golden ticket, they could very well do what Colorado did in ’13-’14. They aquired a “back-up” goalie from Washington, aquired a 2-3 D in Erik Johnson and drafted a very good C in MacKinnon…Sound familiar? I’m not predicting they win the division, but I think they should be fighting for #8 in the conference. Battling with Dallas, Colorado, San Jose & Winnipeg.

    Notice I didn’t include Calgary…that’s because they’ll be fighting with LA for who finishes #2 in the Pacific Division. And at worst they claim a Wildcard spot. They’re a good team and will not take a step back. They’re a playoff team again this season!

    The Battle of Alberta is going to be AWESOME this year, and most likely the next 10-15 years. Finally!

    Go Oilers! 😉

    • The Real Slim Brodie

      A relatively reasonable statement by an Oiler Fan on the Flames nation, well done. I agree that your team has made progress. Sekera is a 3 on most teams but would likely be a 4.5 on the current Flames group, I for sure would keep or top 3 over him. glad to see an Oiler fan not expecting that McD will lead the league in scoring next year he probably will lead the rookies but will need time to adjust to playing against high end defenders and truely elite teams on a regular basis; but he will. One thing I think will help the Oilers move close to a playoff team is that the Canucks, Sharks and the Kings have not gotten better this summer. But to make the playoffs someone has to lead your team on the ice and make the Halls, Schultzs more accoubtable; if that happens your team will be in the hunt.

    • The Real Slim Brodie

      Nice discussion, especially for an Oilers fan.

      I’d agree with you that both the Flames and the Oilers(finally) are on the upswing, and your projections are reasonable. The Oilers have improved, but there are massive changes and I think it’s going to take some time to sort things out and I won’t be surprised if you struggle at the start.

      I agree that Talbot looks great right now, but the thing is he was playing behind perhaps the best overall defence/defensive system in the NHL. The Oilers are not that, not even close so it’s a given his numbers are going to go way down, it’s just a matter how much and how long until the new coach gets the team playing better defence. If you consider the previous goalies(ie Scrivens w/LAK) the same thing happened.

      The other issue is the team has played crap for so long I think it’ll take a while to change that style of play, and frankly I believe a couple of your “stars” may have to be moved out before that happens. I’m thinking some massive changes coming and Oilers fans aren’t going to be too happy once Chiarelli ships out a couple of the “golden kids”….

      • The Real Slim Brodie

        And it might be best for those “Golden Boys” as well. But you are right many of the Oiler fans would hate it unless the returns were great.

    • Tomas Oppolzer

      I was with everything here except you saying Sekera could replace Brodie’s minutes. There aren’t many D-men in the league that can do what Brodie can and Sekera isn’t one of them. He is, however, a solid 3-4 option and a #2 on a team with weak D depth