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Flames sign Tanner Glass to one-year deal

Every season, the Calgary Flames tend to have a veteran player on their roster to provide some grit, toughness and the ability to fight a handful of times per year. This season, that man is Tanner Glass.

The Flames have announced they’ve signed Glass to a one-year, one-way deal worth $650,000.

Glass, 33, was one of the best players in Flames camp. I turned the corner on him as a limited minutes fourth line option primarily because he was crashing around and creating some energy during his preseason shifts. Can he do that in regular season against NHL players? We’ll see.

The deal has very limited downside, in that it’s a league-minimum deal for a veteran player that probably won’t pout if he’s a healthy scratch – and he probably will be often, given his age and role. (Compare that to the Brandon Bollig deal, which involved giving up a draft pick for a player with a contract paying him north of $1 million.)

And if he’s not a fit and doesn’t really work, they can always send him to Stockton. The one-way deal is really the only thing here that gives me pause. He’s not a great possession player, nor would you expect him to be, but if the Flames keep insisting on having a pugilist on their roster as a deterrent, this is probably the best version of that acquisition: a low dollar figure and they didn’t have to give up any assets to acquire him.

In other news, the Flames have sent Luke Gazdic down to Stockton. Gazdic and Garnet Hathaway cleared waivers, but Hathaway remains at camp.

  • Newbietwo

    I am really trying to understand the decision making here.. we trade Bouma and retain salary in order to sign glass and save $400k?

    Why did we not address th Stajan situation during off season as we knew Jankowski was pushing hard for a spot.. I get we need depth to go deep but does that depth have to cost us $3.5 million and $4.5 million a year?

    • piscera.infada

      In response to your last point, you are aware that team’s can’t just unilaterally trade players, right? First, another team kind of has to want him. Second, I’m pretty sure Stajan has at least a modified NMC (thanks Burke…).

    • BendingCorners

      I’ll take a shot at it. Just guessing though because BT doesn’t advertise his thought process.
      Waiving Lance was necessary to create space on the roster. Cap space was less of an issue since the team is still under the cap by a noticeable amount, but I’d guess it was also a small factor.
      Matt stays because he is still useful in a 4th line role and anyway might transition to a non-playing role next year – this is the final year of his contract. He is overpaid but there is a limit to how many buyouts you can carry at one time and he is still a viable player.
      Tanner is here (for now at least) because having a fighter/banger available when you play certain teams is still a good thing. He may end up in Stockton though if his preseason performance doesn’t carry over.
      Mark looked good in the preseason but it’s possible BT wants him to complete his development by playing big minutes in the AHL instead of small minutes in the NHL, until the team calls him back. It’s also possible they keep him and trade somebody to make room for Junior. Personally I hope he stays and that Curtis and Troy both get moved so that Emile (who I believe will have a great year in Stockton) can claim a spot too before the season is over.
      If BT finds a way to trade one or both of Curtis and Troy then it all works out. If not, Mark’s arrival is delayed. The cap is not the defining issue for any of these transactions, but yes Matt and Troy are both overpaid and moving Troy – somehow, anyhow, anywhere – and getting any kind of return would likely improve the team.
      I also think it took this long to sign Junior because BT really wanted one of the prospects to seize a spot. A few came close but were (I guess) not quite ready.

  • Pizzaman

    Just saw the 2017 second round pick that Calgary traded to the Sens for Lazar – Alex Formenton made the Sens roster, one of two rookies. So now what’s the chance Lazar gets put on waivers and possible claimed – wouldn’t look good for BT. Reality is nobody is going to claim Lazar….

  • Puckhead

    Let this signing send a message to Shinkaruk, Poirier, Foo, Klimchuk etc. Shame on them for not stepping it up a notch in camp. Hopefully they’ve all taken note and come to the next camp prepared to earn a spot.

    • cberg

      What, are you CRAZY?! Jankowski killed it during camp and definitely earned a spot, but got sent down anyway because the coach is playing favourites and refuses to demote some vets or projects of much lessor value. The message sent to Stockton is that the prospects have virtually zero chance at making it unless he’s a GG “golden boy” and won’t until the team either trades them or refuses to sign them…. May be harsh, but that’s the reality. BT has done nothing but prove this very thing… If we see a different reality then maybe we can view it differently, but this is exactly what has happened so far. Beyond disappointing.

  • Albertabeef

    Maybe Tre wants Benny, Ferly, and Tchucky to fight less? Or maybe Glass is that player for Stajan and Janks cause Brouwer ain’t that kind of player, and he’s more experienced than Hathaway and Lazar. Personally I’d love to see Poirier on the fourth line with Stajan and Janks so we can role four solid lines like the days of old :). Stajan could stil produce 15-30 pouts in the fourth line with Janks

  • loudogYYC

    So much noise over nothing boys. Glass is signed cuz the Flames like having a sh*t disturber and a mucker in the lineup so it’s not Ferly and Chucky doing it all. We wouldn’t need it if Bouma or Brouwer lived up to their expectations so instead we have a $650K part time player that can be benched or buried in the minors as the coach pleases. No hard feelings.

    The real problem is how the F do we get rid of Brouwer without buying him out or giving away Kylington in the process. We just survived Bollig, Engelland and Wideman anchor contracts and now we have 3 more years of this pylon.

    As for the game tonight, I hope its Lazar on Bennetts RW and a 4th line of Glass-Stajan-Hathaway. Brouwer can watch from the press box and appreciate what its like to hustle. If a Jagr signing and a benching doesn’t motivate him, I doubt anything will.