Matthew Tkachuk’s appearance on After Hours: Mouthguards and memories

After last night’s thrilling victory over the Anaheim Ducks, Matthew Tkachuk made an appearance on After Hours with Scott Oake and Louie DeBrusk (after Kevin Bieksa’s appearance, which baffles me because think of having both of them together at the same time). We’ve cut out some of the highlights for you, so you get Matthew’s deepest insights on the topics of…

… mouthguards

If you’ve ever wondered why Tkachuk never fully wears his mouthguard, you’re going to have to keep searching for the answer, because Matthew doesn’t give a clear one here (besides that it might draw more penalties, which is something he’s been doing fine with or without a mouthguard).

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… his style of play

… the best chirps, given and received

I’m not entirely sure I believe him, but “I just stare at people… and they really don’t like that too much” had me laughing.

… his memories growing up in the NHL

Of course, it should be no surprise that Tkachuk has been surrounded by the NHL his whole life. Given the privileges us plebs could never afford, Tkachuk talked about his all-star picture collection:

A particularly funny episode was during Keith’s last game in St. Louis, and Matthew speaking up for the rest of his family under pressure:

… the rest of the Tkachuk clan

Naturally, Papa Tkachuk came up in conversation. Here’s what Matt thinks he learned from his father:

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The younger Tkachuk has also been making headlines for his stellar performance at the World Juniors. Here’s some of Matthew’s thoughts on his younger brother:

Interestingly enough, with three Tkachuks who either have or will be picked in the first round, Matthew gives his early pick for the title of “best Tkachuk” to his sister, Taryn:

… odds and ends

On the World Juniors and losing a bet to his linemate:

A long lost clip of him and his brother boxing in the basement: