Johnny Gaudreau will miss Monday’s game vs Kings

Things haven’t gone terribly well for the Calgary Flames over the past several months. The team can’t buy a goal. They can’t buy a big save. They’ve lost five games in a row. Several key players are injured.

The news got even better for the team and its players, as the club noted today that star winger Johnny Gaudreau is headed back east to deal with a “family matter.” He’ll miss (at least) Monday night’s game against the Los Angeles Kings.

Gaudreau’s absence leads to some questions. If the team was working with a full complement of healthy players, things would be simple. But they’re not. Here are the scratches from Saturday afternoon’s game in San Jose:

  • D Matt Bartkowski (healthy)
  • F Sean Monahan (out, wrist surgery)
  • F Kris Versteeg (out, hip injury recovery)
  • F Matthew Tkachuk (out, upper-body injury)
  • D T.J. Brodie (out, upper-body injury)
  • F Matt Stajan (unclear)

Stajan’s status is the big question mark for tomorrow. Here’s the thought process:

  1. If Stajan’s good to go then he swaps into Gaudreau’s spot and the lines get shuffled around.
  2. If Stajan can’t play then either Bartkowski plays and they go with 11 forwards and seven defensemen, or they call somebody up from Stockton on an emergency basis (since they won’t have 12 healthy forwards).

The most likely candidates for call-ups are probably Morgan Klimchuk or Spencer Foo. Klimchuk was the most recent short-term recall and he’s had nine points in 13 games since going back down. On the other hand, Foo has really gotten into a nice groove lately. In the same 13-game span since Klimchuk’s return from the NHL, Foo has 11 points and has become a very steady contributor for the Heat in the second half of the season. Why not give him a shot at making his NHL debut?

Based on reports from practice it sure sounds like Stajan should be good to go, so take everything else with a grain of salt. We’ll have more on tomorrow’s lineup as it becomes available.

  • meat1

    As much as I’m curious to see Foo up here, I would rather he got a chance to suit up on right wing with Gaudreau and Monahan as opposed to playing because neither of them are…let’s maybe wait and put the kid in a position to be successful next Fall.

  • Rockmorton65

    I’ve thought about that. I wonder if any of these would have legs, or at the very least be a starting point?

    – Brodie & Bennett to Philly for Simmonds. Simmonds is a little older than our core, but I think he could slot in quite nicely on the top line.

    – Fox & Brouwer to Arizona for Domi. Maybe a bit of an overpayment, but it would get us out of Brouwer’s contract.

    – Frolik & Stone to Toronto for Marner. Not sure about the cap, but a good starting point for a deal.

    Sign JVR or Kane to a reasonable deal, and…

    Tkachuk-Backlund -Marner
    X -Shore-Lazar

    X – Andersson

    Have a competition for the X’s. Give this lineup to Q or Trotz and a Conference Final appearance is quite possible.

    • Atomic Clown

      I cant even with some of the trade/sign scenarios. Frolik and Stone would get you Matt Martin, or Marners hockey sticks. Fox and Brouwer would get you Pronger’s and Datsyuk’s contracts. After the years Kane/JVR are having, there’s going to be no “reasonable” deal. Both are gonna ask north of $7 million. Good lord youre giving Peter Chiarelli a run for his money as worst real/armchair GM

      • Rockmorton65

        Well, like I said, starting points. The Marner one is stretching, I admit. Even without him, it’s a pretty solid lineup. I was embarrassed when I realized I “traded” for Domi, but then didn’t use him in the lineup.

        I’ve got faith in Tre. No one said he could get Johnny, Monny, Gio, Hamilton, etc for the deals he did. Who knows what JVR or Kane sign for? It always makes me chuckle when people say things like “Johnny’s NEVER going to sign for less than 8!”, or “Gio’s asking for 9! We’ll never be able to afford him!”. Yet we signed both for around 13. Truth is, we don’t know what all the factors are in a player signing. If we hired Quennville, do you not think that could play a role in someone signing here? Trades, same thing. If Tre can get Dougie for picks, who knows what else he could pull off. I think it’s going to be a very interesting off season.

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    I hope its nothing to serious for the Gaudreau’s Family. May any situation they are going through be resolved quickly and positively without any setbacks or complications.
    All the best Johnny, just know that most of us FN/Flames fans have your back.
    Hockey will happen next year so take your time and we’ll see ya when we see you. Cheers!

  • Franko J

    Hope everything is ok and it is not too serious with Gaudreau’s family situation. What an dismal ending this season is turning out to be. I cannot recollect an ending to a Flames regular season as this bad.

  • Alberta Ice

    I think Johnny needs a break and family does matter. On a different note: Watched the Canucks add to the Stars exit playoffs strategy. Interesting that a Bishop injury parallels a Mike Smith injury. Yep, goal tending is important. And speaking of great goaltending: watched Predators and Jets game. Playoff fervor indeed. Since Flames are out- going to be rooting for the Jets come April and May and June.

  • Oil consuming Flames

    Brouwer was a large part of GG’s undoing, and if BT doesn’t find a taker Troy, he’ll be Brad’s undoing too.

    The problem with Brouwer for GG was poor usage. Glen’s refusal to just use Troy as a 4th liner who killed penalties was brutal. Sliding him up and down the lineup and trotting him out for #1 PP minutes game after game was asininem

    The 2 problems with Brouwer for BT are Dollars and Term.
    Brouwer has never come close to living up to his $4.5M contract and has 2 years left. However, if you viewed him as a $2.25M sth liner who kills penalties and is a good veteran with only 2 years left, he isn’t too bad. Not great, but not terrible.

    BT should take the opportunity this summer to get Troy’s 15 team “can’t be traded to” list, which leaves 15 teams he CAN be traded to and offer to retain 50% of that salary. Regardless of the return, if it’s part of a bigger deal, he should do it.
    Retaining 50% of that salary and re-signing Hathaway for 2 years at $800K- $1M to be the 4th RW saves the team $1.25M-$1.5M at that one position over keeping Brouwer and having to watch him to boot.

    BT should sell high on Ferland. His success with Johnny and Mony has muddied the waters to what he is and should be. It worked for a while, and he’s capable of playing with them, but it’s time to improve on that. He’s got a very nice cap hit for next year and has increased his value this year. He is also still a concussion and shoulder injury risk, so if there’s a deal to be made, do it.

    I’m a big Brodie fan, but it may be time to use him to lure a top-6 RHS winger.

    Another option on this front is to package 2 of Fox, Gillies, or Bennett for that winger.

    I know most Flames fans are big on Fox, but with Valimaki, Andersson, Kylington and others in the system, plus what we have here there’s a higher risk of him going the free agent route with such traffic jam at D with the Flames. He may view another organization as a better opportunity to sign and have a chance to play in the NHL. He’s another asset with high value.

    One RHS winger I would love the Flames to take a shot at is Mark Stone. I think his 6’4″ 220lbs , would be a great fit opposite Johnny and beside Monahan. (Nothing to do with being Mike Stone’s brother, just a good fit)
    Ottawa is in rebuild/retool mode, and may be open to some kind of deal.

    Ok, this got long, pretty quick. I’ll leave it there.

  • Fat Tony

    In all honesty when I look at a team like the Jets of the Preds, the amount of talent they have through their depth chart is really impressive. It makes me wonder why the flames were thought of as a contender, especially with aging players like brower and stajan, not to mention the players like bennett, janko and lazar that are yet to show us anything really positve as far as production goes. If we want to contend, some young guys really have to step up or there needs to be a big roster shake up for already established players, not to mention some insurance between the pipes.

  • Mongauchuk

    I as well hope it is nothing to serious and am sure Johnny is already upset with the way the teams season has gone. Focus on your family JG and I hope you are back to play a few more games this year.