FlamesNation player evaluation: Garnet Hathaway

Garnet Hathaway started the season as one of the best players in the AHL. On a line with Mark Jankowski and Andrew Mangiapane, the trio was undoubtedly one of the best in the league. After amassing 19 points in 18 games, Hathaway was called up to the Flames. It was not surprising that his success in the AHL did not translate to the NHL.

2017-18 season summary

It was thought that reuniting Hathaway with his AHL centreman Jankowski would allow both players to build on their established offensive chemistry and provide nice secondary scoring for the Flames from the bottom six. This didn’t really happen as the third line was one of the consistently inconsistent pieces of the roster. Hathaway was mostly relied on to play a depth role offensively, play the penalty kill, and hit things.

Games played Goals Assists Points TOI/GP 5v5 CF% 5v5 CF% rel OZS% PDO
59 4 9 13 11:32 53.53 -2.6 54.2 0.999

Hathaway playing alongside Jankowski and Sam Bennett wasn’t really a source of good news for the Flames this season. He was only able to score four goals in 59 games for the Flames, and his biggest night on the scoreboard was a two-assist showing in December against the Canucks. That game was in the middle of a stretch that saw him put up six points in eight games. Beyond that, there wasn’t much else in terms of offensive success to talk about with Hathaway. His silver lining was that he finished seventh on the team in CF% for skaters who played more than 10 games.

In comparison to his linemates, Hathaway stood out for the wrong reasons. Jankowski scored 13 more goals and Bennett scored twice as many points as Hathaway did this year. His style of play does not translate to an offensive role; he’s a fourth line grinder at best, and that’s not the type of player you want to dress for 59 games.

In his defense, Hathaway was a good soldier for the team. He played up and down the lineup, rotated through different linemates, and was trusted enough to dress for most of the season. After being recalled by the Flames, he only missed one game.

All in all, Hathaway was a solid worker but just wasn’t good enough to move the needle for the Flames. His success with the Heat prompted some doubt in his doubters, but they were quickly proved right once he saw more time with the Flames. Positions aside, Spencer Foo and Andrew Mangiapane probably would have been better options to stay on the Flames’ roster and while Hathaway didn’t actively hurt the team, he definitely didn’t actively help.

Compared to last season

Hathaway played just 26 games last season and put up five points for a PPG of 0.19. His 13 points this year were good for a 0.22 PPG. Even two years ago, his three points in 14 games gave him a 0.21 PPG. The trend is clear: offense isn’t his forte. This season, his shot percentage was actually 1.4% higher than the last and he played almost 2.5 extra minutes a night. In an increased role, the stagnation in his offensive numbers does not make a good case for keeping him around.

This year, Hathaway showed the coaches that he was worth the call-up, but ultimately he panned out exactly as expected. He pitched in with two or three hits every game, a couple penalty minutes, some time on the penalty kill, and a point every five games or so. The only thing out of the ordinary with Hathaway this year was that his call-up was permanent; his underwhelming numbers aren’t because of a giant drop off in shot percentage or being saddled with terrible linemates or even starting shifts in the defensive zone. He simply did not carry his weight.

What about next season?

It’s probably safe to say we know who Garnet Hathaway is. He’s exhibited relatively the same style and level of play over the past three seasons with the Flames, and should he remain a fixture on the roster next season, it will probably be more of the same. He’s in this middle area where he’s really good in the AHL, but just not good enough for the NHL. He really doesn’t belong on the Flames’ roster and perhaps his biggest asset to the team would be his ability to mentor young players like Dillon Dube and Matthew Phillips and help them adjust to the AHL.

Hathaway doesn’t have a contract for next season and will become an RFA on July 1. He has arbitration rights but it’s unlikely he’ll be able to wield that hammer to earn a big money contract from the Flames.

He’s been a part of the Flames since he was signed out of college. Last year he signed a one year deal to stay in Calgary; it seemed like he had more to show and after getting a taste of the NHL was primed to take a step forward and contribute at the NHL level. This time around, that sentiment is dampened by an underwhelming 13-point season. Hathaway will turn 27 this year and it sure looks like what we’re seeing from him now is the best he can deliver. The Flames may offer him another short term contract for next season, a last shot contract if you will, but don’t be surprised if Brad Treliving decides not to tender him an offer.

#5 – Mark Giordano #7 – TJ Brodie
#8 – Chris Stewart #10 – Kris Versteeg
#11 – Mikael Backlund #13 – Johnny Gaudreau
#15 – Tanner Glass #18 – Matt Stajan
#19 – Matthew Tkachuk #20 – Curtis Lazar


  • JMK

    Hard to see a place for him on the roster when the likes of Brouwer and Lazar are hanging around. Happy to keep him on as 4th line RW or 13/14th forward but only if there’s a big clearout of bottom 3 players.

    • kirby

      It’s kinda disgusting to think we’re stuck with those guys. Still 2 years at 4.5 left for Brouwer, that’s gross. We are bogged down with too much dead weight right now.

    • cjc

      If you can’t trade them, waive Lazar and buyout Brouwer. We have options ready internally. The cap hit of Brouwer’s replacement will be less than the buyout penalty+salary of his replacement. Lazar will either get claimed (if so, so what? he’s a sunk cost.) or be buried. His replacement will not cost much more.

      • cjc

        If you think buying out Brouwer is crazy, it means a 1.5 million cap hit for the next four years. However, it seems quite possible that what he provides could be replaced for less than 3 million per season, especially with an internal option.

      • Flamethrower

        Of the three Brouwer, Hathaway or Lazar, I’d keep Lazar this young mans career has been totally mismanaged. Coming from a team like Ottawa where Cameron (dumbass) was coach to a team that ends up with Cameron as a member of the coaching staff!
        I am more than willing to give him a shot with different coaching. Lazar is still real young, 23 if I’m not mistaken.
        Bennett is another one who has been cast in bad situations.
        This is a knowledgeable readership that I’m sure understands. We all expect champions out of the gate but in fact there are other realities and one is of patience with certain players.
        Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!

    • rusty_shakleforde

      JMK, I agree. I would rather him as 4rw than the other plugs we have. He’s good on the PK actually, and I think his hustle is refreshing on this team (maybe he would have more success on a team like LVGK, where it’s more of a speed and transition game…but maybe not). He looked almost scared to shoot when he had good chances this season, which could be lack of confidence.

      Probably too many “ifs” here to keep him round, but I wouldn’t mind him as a 4rw/AHL guy.

  • MontanaMan

    Fringe NHLer at best and a guy who won’t be in the league in two years. He doesn’t do anything particularly well but appears to be a good team player and can be an extra forward or bounce between the NHL and AHL as required. Hathaway’s skillset does not include scoring, skating, playmaking or fighting. I would recommend that Hathaway never drop the mitts again as he’s going to get hurt.

  • Korcan

    The upside on Hathaway is he brings it every night, the downside is it doesn’t really matter to the team’s results. I love the way he plays the game, I just wish he had a better skill set. If he gets a contract, I have him as one of my 13th/14th forwards next season.

    • cberg

      I think you are way off in the results category. There was a considerable stretch where the Flames won every game when he played. His give it all attitude and tough play were a welcome and needed component that the rest of the Flames lacked many nights. The Flames need that. I will agree he is offensively challenged and likely can be replaced, but if its just with so-called scorers that disappear when opponents play it tough, we’re screwed.

  • Honkydonk

    He hasn’t never been an NHL player and most likely never will be thus if you put him on your NHL team it tells you a lot about your overall desire to win or know how to win

  • freethe flames

    We had 4, 4th line line Rw at the end of the season. Hathaway, Lazar, Brouwer and Stewart making over $7.5m between them and we wonder why we were not good enough. We still have two of them signed for over $5m. And we still don’t have a RHS that can play in the top 6. Here’s a potentially cap neutral move; buy out Brouwer and save $3m the next two years and sign Vanek for a year at $3m and in two years when you are still paying Brouwer $1.5m you have a kid play and hopefully its Phillips or Gawdin still on there entry level contract. Lazar can be your 4th line RW or 13th forward.

  • freethe flames

    Yesterday on a couple of threads I suggested trading TJ and Fox as a package and only got one response and that was why is everyone so willing to give up on Fox. My simple answer is that I am not willing to give up on Fox but my belief is that if you want a top end top 6 forward Brodie alone will not get it done. So I’m floating that idea again. Here are my two ideas; TJ/Fox/Lazar to the NYR for Zibanegad and Tampa’s 1st round pick or the Rangers own second round pick. Or the same package to Buffalo for RoR and either their second rounder or Puu.

      • Kevin R

        Seriously, I would consider Brodie & Kylington. Not sure that would be enough. We are pretty limited.
        Now would you look at RoR & Ristouleinen for Dougie Hamilton?

        • piscera.infada

          On Mackenzie’s podcast this week, he stated that the ask for O’Reilly right now is framed as the Mike Richards from Philadelphia to LA trade (22 year-old Wayne Simmonds, 19 year-old [5th overall pick] Brayden Schenn, and a second-round pick).

          Even if the Flames can put together a competitive package, I’m not sure I see it happening. O’Reilly has an essentially buyout-proof contract, he also has 5 years left at a high cap hit–keep in mind, if you’re asking for salary retained, the ask goes up. At that kind of price, I don’t see it as overly palatable.

    • Off the wall

      I didn’t see the game Kevin, but I watched the highlights. ROR is definitely a PP specialist and has great hands in tight . He’s a consistent faceoff guy and can contribute 20 goals each season.

      I wonder if Treliving has him on radar? Peter’s would be a good sounding board to address his perceived value.
      $7.5M until 2022-23 is a hefty contract to undertake.

      I don’t rely on rumours, however if indeed the Sabres are looking at the possibility of landing the big UFA Tavares, then perhaps they would be willing to part with Ryan O’Reilly for some help on D, to help out with their sweepstakes benefactor Dahlin.

      The Sabres lack speed and quick moving defence and forwards.
      Outside of a good forward line and a half, the Sabres need bottom 6 help badly.

      I could see Treliving working out a deal that’s good for each club.
      Brodie and? Frolik

      • Flamethrower

        Can’t understand why always giving away two for ones or prospects on deals. This is not how I run my business or I would soon be out fo business. Have some restraints. Other deals may come along that you need those pieces. Just my humble opinion.

        • freethe flames

          The question and the reason why one includes prospects in trades is that you really want the player you are talking about and that you think the 1 for 1 deal is not realistic to get the player you want. The questions becomes if TJ is our top trading chip; a LHD who has averaged 36 points a year for 5 years now, has a decent cap hit, can play 20+minutes a night and can play on the PP and PK worth to other teams. Personally I have no idea so I speculate. One way is to go big game hunting ie RoR and others; maybe the other way to go about it is getting a middle slotted RHS and another asset for him and I would be okay with this. Some of what TJ may be worth is also dependent on what happens higher up on the food chain of defenders this off season; if the Sens move Karlsson and the Caps lose Carlson how does that impact his value. So yes waiting could be a good idea.

        • cberg

          Very much so. If you want O’Reilly, trade Backlund straight up. Both get a very good C with slightly different skills, Buffalo gets a big cost savings and a better defender. Calgary gets better at face-offs and tougher to play against.

      • FL?MES

        $7.5 M for 20 goals and some faceoff wins is a lot of dough. Can’t Tre just Moneyball this thing and recreate RoR with a bunch of misfits who are under appreciated because of the way they look, or the way they shoot the puck?

  • FL?MES

    I have to say this because nobody ever mentions it. The Flames have never hit the reset button to rebuild the team from the bottom up. It’s interesting because it leaves me feeling like they are more interested in putting bums in the seat than icing a competitive team. It is a business after all.

    Sorry for sounding like a Debbie downer but this has bothered me for a long time…

    • Off the wall

      Hey Puck, I gotta say I agree with you. It’s frustrating to say the least.

      You have so called misfits, as you aptly put it, in Vegas and yet look at what they have accomplished. We should be concerned. The whole league has took note.

      The entire gambit of a expansion team is to build for the future. Good god, they’re already close to making the Stanley Cup finals.

      Part of my selfishness wants the VGK to win it all, even though I love Ovechkin and believe he deserves his first cup.

      How ridiculous does that sound?
      I know, don’t answer that, because I know what you’re going to say!

      • cberg

        Vegas is winning because of an exceptional goalie but even more so a “CHAOS” style that consists of speedy attack at all times over the whole ice, and not accepting loafers anywhere. The Flames, not quite the same goalie, poor forecheck, hesitant PK and PP, floaters almost every game. Why do we expect the same results? Hopefully Peters will implement changes and accountability across the board, and management will stop looking at pedigree and start looking at results.

        Getting back to Hathaway, his aggressive style is exactly what the Flames need to implement.

  • herringchoker

    Hey Guys, Ive resigned myself to Brouwer for one more season. Small price for a new coach. I believe the flames need to not resign Hathaway. A D needs to go. Who that is time will tell. Do we get a top 6 winger…..hopefully. Based on what I know today. I would move Tkuchuk to 1RW. I would would move Bennett to Backlunds left. I would move Ferland to Jankos right or left depending on Foo/Dube or Mangiapanes pre-season. The 4th will be Lazar shore and Brouwer. If the Flames move a forward it should Frolik. At Bennetts age we would be fools to not believe in him. Alot of youg players do well in the NHL because they are in a top 6 role. Bennett only had that season 1 his best season. If we sign Tavaras (which wont happen……sorry an eastern boy is not willing moving to the praries), Frolik has to go.

    • herringchoker

      Oh and we want nothing to do with ROR. He’s decent but way over paid for 20 goals. His contract would define the Tkuchuk contract rather than no one makes more than the captain. If we trade a D to Buf….. Reinhart should be coming back.

    • freethe flames

      If that is the line up we start the season with we miss the play offs again but finish high enough not to get a good chance at the lottery. If that’s what you want but if your not adding pieces to make your team better then go all in and create a plan to see more of the other kids like Phillips and Gawdin as well. BT made a mistake last year believing the Flames young forwards were good enough to create secondary scoring I doubt he does nothing. Even if he can’t trade for or sign a legit top 6 forward he can build from the bottom up even if it means getting older. There are multiple guys who are UFA’s who can be signed to sort term deals that will give Phillips and Gawdin time to develop and will not get in the way of their progression. There are also some guys who h e might be able to get w/o overpaying as well who just need a chance to play bigger roles. If you can move Frolik and the assets you get back make sense then by all means make the trade. BP mentioned him by name and implied he likes his game; so unless the get is worth more than what BP expects from Frolik I don’t see it happening.

  • Jimmyhaggis

    Forget Brouwer, he’s not going anywhere. And Hathaway, he better not be on the roster this fall, if he is and even on the 4th line, then this team is really hurting.