Travis Hamonic ‘could miss some time’ due to injury

Following the first game of the 2018-19 season, it sounds like the Calgary Flames may be missing one of their defensive stalwarts.

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Hamonic fought Erik Gudbranson in Wednesday night’s game after the Canucks forward nailed Dillon Dube with a hit. It didn’t go well for him, as Gudbranson decked Hamonic with an uppercut.

Hamonic missed most of the first period, but came back and finished the game wearing a face shield.

The Flames open their home schedule on Saturday night against Vancouver.

    • Cfan in Van

      Under GG, yes probably. Under BP, I’m optimistic we’ll see more confidence in the young guys who almost made the team recently. Cautiously optimistic (my mantra for the past uncountable number of seasons, actually).

  • Mickey O'Reaves

    Question: How much confidence and swagger can you play with when you look sideways — and know that there are at least a couple of guys in an opposition sweater that could beat up every single guy on your bench?

      • Mickey O'Reaves

        Exactly. But it isn’t even just the smaller, skilled guys. Every player on the Flames team knows that they have nobody that can realistically win a fight with the other team’s big guy.
        This team doesn’t even really have a player where the opposition has their head on a swivel because they might dole out a punishing hit.
        This team doesn’t really have anyone that is considered dirty.

        The opposing coaches and players know this, so until the Flames get a legitimate tough guy/deterrent into the line-up, what happened to Hamonic is going to keep happening over and over until there is nobody left.

        • YYCFlames

          I know this is going to sound bad, but deck the new Canuck Petterson like they did to Dube, even if Gudbrandson apologized? I’m okay with sending out Peluso and Prout tomorrow.

          • Mickey O'Reaves

            @YYCFlames…okay, so let’s say someone does run the kid. Now what? What always happens…the opposition’s tough guy will hop over the boards (in this case Gudbranson) sometime during the game and send a message.

            That message will be beating up the next hapless cannon fodder that Peter’s sends over the boards. That’s hardly a confidence building move from any Flames player’s perspective.

            Playing Prout puts a stop to it sharpish because he can go with anyone.

        • Archer

          “this team doesn’t really have anyone that is considered dirty”? how about Tkachuk, Bennett, Prout? Hamonic is one mean dude as well. The problem is a lack of size and truculence in one package that can be counted on to play a regular shift.

    • Mickey O'Reaves

      Yeah, was going to qualify Tkachuk is considered dirty, and Bennett will throw a big hit. Both will also drop the gloves to back it up. But Byng isn’t particularly good at fighting. Bennett knows what he’s doing in a scrap, but is out of his weight class.

      That’s sort of the point – Everyone is out of their weight class against the other team’s big fella…and Everyone is going to take a pummelling. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in a player.

  • meat1

    I do think we need to stand up to the Canucks tomorrow night. Prout needs to be in as does either Hathaway or Peluso. Why Peluso isn’t sitting where Lazar is right now baffles me. And Frolik can sit this game out imo to make room for more toughness. We can’t let teams run around on us.

  • BrennyBaller

    People on this site are ridiculous… 2 weeks ago “there’s no room for goons in todays NHL!” now “dress Peluso, Prout, and Hathaway and send a message!”

  • Sanintarious

    Andersson got called up with Travis going on IR week to week (facial fracture). If we are going to insert a “tough guy”, Prout is not that guy. Unless you sit Stone for Rasmus. Having a line up of Prout and Stone is unacceptable. The Flames who many expect to be a quicker team looked slower more times than not against a very quick Canucks team. What do you think will happen when you are throwing Stone and Prout out there on different lines? It will end very poorly.

  • JMK

    Apart from a few people like Mickey, who wanted Ryan Reaves or similar, this fan base cracks me up some times. If Peluso or Prout had made the opening night roster I guarantee people would have been complaining about BT and BP. Now suddenly we need one or both in the roster?! I get that people are passionate but c’mon can we cut back on the extreme reactions just a tad? How many fights were there last year where no one missed a game after? Bennett fought, Tkachuk fought etc.

  • Mickey O'Reaves

    BP: “Yeah Hath, I’m thinking of throwing you into the game on Saturday. But I need to know one thing, red or green?”
    GH: “Not sure I get you coach, but for sure I want to play!”

    BP: “When you end up in the infirmary after scrapping Gudbranson, the boys will want to know what colour grapes to bring when they visit you.”
    GH: “Oh.”

    Seriously, is that the game plan here?!