Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Dalton Prout sent to Stockton for conditioning assignment

The Flames made a minor move today, sending eighth defenceman Dalton Prout to the AHL on a conditioning assignment.

Prout hasn’t played a game since the home opener against Vancouver, so he could use some game action. Given that the Flames are running an eight defencemen setup, he’s frequently found himself in the press box, as there’s no real need for his services. This assignment allows him to get some game action in, potentially seven (assuming he plays tonight, but that’s unlikely) games at most during the two weeks allowed by the CBA for conditioning stints.

It’s an interesting move as Prout needs waivers to be assigned full time to Stockton, so a conditioning assignment seems to suggest that the Flames think he might get claimed on waivers. He still counts as part of the 23-man roster and against the Flames salary cap during his conditioning stint.