Flames assign Alan Quine to Stockton

The Flames made an unexpected move this morning, assigning C/LW Alan Quine to the Stockton Heat.

Demoting Quine is a bit of a surprise. During his time with the big club, Quine picked up three goals and an assist in nine games. While he wasn’t a game-changer by any means, he seemed to be playing well enough to stick around. Although Andrew Mangiapane is eligible to return from the IR, it’s hard to argue that Quine is less deserving of a spot than Mangiapane based on their brief NHL stints thus far.

On the other hand, not at all. Although he had his good moments, there were some bad things sticking out. During his nine games, Quine saw fewer than 10 minutes of ice time in three games, two of those times being held to less than five minutes. His giveaway against the Jets, which resulted in their only goal, seems like the obvious infraction that sealed his fate, but it was likely just that Quine wasn’t as good as his stat line says.

So what’s likely happening is that Quine is making way for Mangiapane’s return. There’s also the likelihood that the Flames are calling up Anthony Peluso to play against Vancouver on Saturday for what should be a chippy affair. In that case, maybe Quine is only gone for the weekend. Stay tuned.

  • MontanaMan

    Quine has shown he can play a regular shift on the fourth line for the Flames. Getting extended NHL time for Quine, Dube and knowing Lazar can play at this level bodes well for depth in the playoffs.

  • MDG1600

    Quine has proven to be a good depth option for Calgary. The turnover against WPG was however a continuation of a pattern from his previous games where I noticed he seemed to have one bad turnover every game. Since the previous turnovers didn’t end up in our net and he also scored in a few games no one really commented on it. If and when he is called back up I am guessing no one will need to tell him he can’t have those kind of turnovers and expect to stay full time in the NHL.

  • thymebalm

    Understanding the CBA and waiver eligibility makes this roster transaction go from “a bit of a surprise” to “necessary order of business.”

    Quine has 9 GP. If he plays again he requires waivers to be sent back down to Stockton. He’s a -2 with a single shot and no points in his last 4 starts including a benching in St. Louis. If they dress him in game 10, they have to keep him on the NHL roster for the rest of the season or risk losing a valuable asset for nothing on the waiver wire.

    He goes back to leading that Heat squad and makes room for the next call up. I doubt they call him back up before playoffs… maybe in injury need during the final handful of games.

    • That is actually the rules for ELC contracts- 10 games burns a year off a contract. It has nothing to do with waiver eligibility. The rule for that is 30 days on the roster, which Quine wasn’t close to surpassing as he was recalled on December 8th.

      • thymebalm

        Games played does have to do with eligibility as does days on roster. It’s article 13.2b of the CBA:

        13.2 The “Playing Season Waiver Period” shall begin on the twelfth (12th) day prior to the start of the Regular Season and end on the day following the last day of a Club’s Playing Season. Subject to the provisions of this Article, the rights to the services of a Player may be Loaned to a club of another league, upon fulfillment of the following conditions, except when elsewhere expressly prohibited:
        (a) Regular Waivers were requested and cleared during the Playing Season Waiver Period; and
        (b) the Player has not played in ten (10) or more NHL Games cumulative since Regular Waivers on him were last cleared, and more than thirty (30) days cumulative on an NHL roster have not passed since Regular Waivers on him were last cleared.

        So… you are still wrong and instead of double checking “actually” even suggested I was wrong. And you have the role of information bearer. So let’s just accept that we learned something and not get all defensive when we make a mistake.

        • piscera.infada

          You might want to re-read art. 13.2(b) again–and yes, I double-checked to make sure the wording in the above is correct.

          The operative wording of that section is thus: “[10 or more NHL games…] and more than 30 days…”.

          The “and” in this case is the operative word–the player must otherwise satisfy both.

  • Flames Fan in Edmonchuck

    My theory? BIG trade coming….. Matt Duschene to the Flames!!! Not sure what we give up…. futures i guess? Anyway, let MD center the second line and we are primed for a big run (if we aren’t already….)

    • The GREAT WW

      Duchene and Byng on the same line!!!!!!!!!!
      We can dream!!!

      It would be a pure one year rental at this point.
      Jankowski as part of the package the other way?
      It would really mean we are going all-in for this year.


    • Flames Fan in Edmonchuck

      Maybe but honestly I’m not sure what Ottawa can get for him as a pure rental… but man can you imagine? I figure something like this:


      Even if we gave up a first and maybe Foo to make it happen….. you never know but that would be the best lineup we’ve iced in over 20 years….

      • Harley Hotchkiss’s Ghost

        “Mark Stone is better and is a RHS.”

        Mark Stone is a really good player, but he is a below average skater and like Lucic, Brouwer, Neal, etc part of me would be concerned of signing him long term because average skating big forwards as we’ve seen tend to fall off a cliff after 32+. I’m kind of torn with signing him long term, but another part of me really wants to. I think Duchene might actually age really well because he is such a good skater and last year looks like an anomaly. I like both players though.

  • SeanCharles

    I don’t think this move is so Mangiapane can get back into the lineup.

    I actually think Mangiapane will be used as a trade chip to aquire a much needed top 9 forward.

    I know everyone here loves Eat bread, as he was ranked quite high on the prospect rankings, but considering we have Gaudreau, Tkachuk, Bennett, Neal and Dube as long-term LHed wingers who are ahead of him I don’t see him as a key piece moving forward.

    Not unless we trade Bennett or Neal..

    Bennett is younger and has more pedigree and Neal is not going anywhere given his situation.

      • SeanCharles

        Not a prediction, more so just wondering how he will fit in long-term and if we are going to make a deal at the TDL the most likely assets to get moved are historically picks and prospects.

        The defensive trio and Dube are off limits.

        I don’t really see the other prospects as being valuable enough to use as trade bait.

        Obviously I’d prefer to keep all our assets but adding a legitimate NHL forward could help push us over the top and trading Mangiapane and a pick could be enough to get a deal done.

        Not saying it will or should happen but if we had to move a prospect he seems the most likely IMO.

    • freethe flames

      While I like Mangiapane and think he could be used more effectively when he is up I would not have a problem if he was moved in a package to improve our top 9 forwards. Would a package of Mangiapane and our 3rd rounder get an effective top 9 forward C/RW that would help us.

    • Speed Kills

      Gillies lets in 5(so far)… enough of this guy… Trade him (while there still may be some value?) or send him to KC to let him work on his game there, at least give the Heat a chance to win with the other “AHL capable” goalies on the Heats team.

      • Stu Gotz

        Agreed. Gillies has been downright lousy with his development curve trending in the wrong direction. He is almost 25 and I don’t think he is considered a prospect any longer so let’s not waste our time with this guy. Schneider and Parsons should be the tandem in Stockton.

      • SeanCharles

        Gillies can only go to KC if he agrees to it.

        He’s no longer on his ELC and is on an NHL deal.

        He is not trending in the right direction so I understand the sentiment.

        He’s got a 1-way next season to boot.

        • Albertabeef

          I don’t freak out about goalie stats at the AHL/ECHL level. Especially when the three top defensive prospects are currently on the big team’s roster. AOM wasn’t even ranked as a prospect for us at one point because nobody thought he would make it. Now he’s the farm’s best Dman lol.

          • Stockton's Finest

            Gillies is 5-9-3 with a 4.15 GAA and a .861 save%. He let in 3 goals on 6 shots in the 3rd, including another shorthanded goal. I do not understand MacLean’s logic to start Gillies when Parsons had such a strong game last weekend.
            Maybe someone values used pucks over Gillies, as I am sure that’s all you could get for him right now. Just make sure to send him to the east.

  • Harley Hotchkiss’s Ghost

    Kind of surprised about Quine. Outside of one bad turnover I thought he was really good and if Neal could bury a freaking chance he would have had 2-3 assists. I’m sure we’ll see him again at some point. I must say though I am a little disappointed.

    • freethe flames

      I think the logic present earlier about waiver eligibility clarifies this for me. The big question is how does Czarnik go from a healthy scratch to a 2nd line player? This for me is the missing piece for this team.