FlamesNation Mailbag: Non-Mark Stone options

We’ve spent a lot of time – practically all of last week’s mailbag – on potential trade deadline add Mark Stone. So let’s move on and look at some of the other options the Flames could look at in the upcoming week.

PGP writes:

Is Stone close? What happens to the D-pairings if/when he comes back, especially with rookies playing so well?

Ironically, we’re beginning with a Stone, but not that one.

To talk about Michael Stone for a change, his status is up in the air. There were a few reports that he was skating with the team, but nothing that says he’s cleared to play. The team doesn’t need him to play, so I don’t think anyone is going to rush him back to action.

Even if he was healthy enough, I don’t think he is anything other than the 7D at this point. The player who has taken his spot, Rasmus Andersson, has been getting better and better with each passing game, and the team is trusting him in situations they would never trust Stone with. I can’t think of the last time Stone was included on the PP or in extra attacker situations. Rasmus is there in year one of his NHL career.

To swap the two out would not only be a step backwards for the team in terms of talent, but also for Andersson from a personal development standpoint. His ice time and usage this year has helped push him closer towards his full potential. With Stone, there’s really nowhere to go. He is what he is, and that’s what he’ll be for the rest of his career. Perhaps Stone has experience on Andersson, but that’s about it, and Andersson is slowly proving that notion irrelevant.

Unless they go righty-righty on the third pairing, which is also bad for Oliver Kylington’s personal development, I can’t see him touching the roster again this year, provided he’s healthy.

Ottawa is open for business, so if Mark Stone is a no-go, there’s still the option of adding another high-level player in Matt Duchene. I wouldn’t be opposed. The asking price is probably the same as Stone: first, prospect, roster player. If you couldn’t get Stone, Duchene isn’t a bad consolation prize.

The question of where he slots in is tricky. The first line is not being broken up. You have Mikael Backlund on the second line, and Duchene is an upgrade on him, but Duchene isn’t really suited for the defensive role Backlund plays. Duchene has been sheltered heavily and has always struggled defensively (his lowest CA/60, 55.11, would be Backlund’s second highest), so you’re limiting your shutdown options a bit. Tkachuk-Duchene-Neal might score a handful of goals, and perhaps Bennett-Backlund-Frolik can pick up some of the slack, but you’ve also downgraded your best shutdown option to bottom six minutes. Not to say that this is a deal breaker, but adding Duchene will come at the cost of having almost no two-way defensive options in your top six.

I think the point is moot anyways, as the Flames probably want to upgrade their wing depth before looking at their centre depth. With Stone, you have a clear cut spot for him at 2RW. With Duchene, you might have to break up lines, change roles, and basically rethink your middle six. Stone would be a less disruptive add with similar production, so I think the Flames would go with him, given the choice.

I think Wayne Simmonds is this year’s “stay away” candidate. He’s 30, has been on a slow decline from his prime years, and isn’t really posting great underlying numbers this year. You could point to the situation he’s in as a cause for this (he plays with Nolan Patrick and Scott Laughton on the third line), but I think it could also be very telling that the Flyers, not a playoff team, already have two better RWs than Simmonds. He’s being sold as a player who could be what he was two years ago, which is always a red flag.

He could still be a serviceable player who can help the team, but he’s being touted as one of the better rentals, and the prices will be steeper than what his actual value is. If they get him for a third and a B-prospect, I’m fine with it. They shouldn’t be paying much more than that. There’s a much more real chance that his production stagnates than other rental players. Imagine paying a first and a good prospect for a player who might pick up nine or 10 points (Simmonds’ current PPG rate) down the stretch.

If I’m looking at it from management’s perspective, I don’t think they want him at all. They probably aren’t going to re-sign him, he doesn’t make much of a top-six impact, and he’s going to be worth assets they would rather spend on the premium names. I think they’re approaching this trade deadline with the idea of making their team better for more than just this postseason. Simmonds can’t do that for them. He’s simply too old and not good enough.

This is the exception for what I wrote above. Neal’s status is still up in the air, so it’s hard to prognosticate based on the lack of info, but here’s how I think it breaks down.

Out until a little after trade deadline: nothing happens. Maybe they use a recall, but I think they’ll treat Neal as their trade deadline acquisition in this case.

Out until the playoffs: they’ll probably look for a lower-tier rental player, like Patrick Maroon, Alex Chiasson, or Andre Burakovsky who won’t be expensive but can fill the void for the time being. Maybe a player they can imagine playing a depth role for the 2019-20 team.

Out for the rest of the year: they’ll probably go for a Simmonds-type rental: someone worth bringing in but not worth re-signing. I think Simmonds and Mats Zuccarello are both helpful enough now that they can fill Neal’s spot but are also old enough that they don’t feel regret when they cut them loose at the end of the year.

No, he’s pretty much done as a prospect. Spencer Foo’s college career was promising enough that he could feasibly step up and become a middle six RW with some AHL seasoning, but the window for him was very small to actually accomplish that.

That window has closed now. I think there was a lot of very good reasons to believe in Foo – he took over the team after Andrew Mangiapane went out and got better and better as he acclimated to the AHL – but he’s been running in place so far this season. I think the Flames added similar-aged tweeners (Alan Quine, Tyler Graovac, Kerby Rychel, Curtis Lazar) to give Foo some competition, but instead of being able to establish himself as the best recall choice, he’s been buried with younger players (Dillon Dube, Matthew Phillips, Glenn Gawdin) proving that they’re just as good or even better options right now.

He might be a black ace who gets a shot during the final few games of the season while everyone else is being held out, but for a meaningful call-up, he’s likely out of the running.

HHOF voting is very subjective, and there really aren’t any boxes you have to check to guarantee your induction, but there are generally two indisputable criteria:

  1. Be one of the best during your time in the league.
  2. For a very long time.

Mark Giordano, should he continue to be a 50-70 point guy for the rest of his career, probably qualifies. Stretching back to 2013-14 when he really stepped into his own, that would be around 10 seasons of pure dominance at an age when players usually stop being dominant. If you factor in his backstory, he’s almost certainly guaranteed a spot in the HHOF. He just has to defy time for a bit longer and he’s probably a lock. Also, winning some awards should help his case.

I don’t really have a clue, which is odd because what’s going to happen to the current goaltenders is pretty obvious.

David Rittich is certainly being re-signed. He’s been slumping for a while, which puts the “future long-term starter” designation into jeopardy, but he’s going to be cheaper than what some thought a month or two ago which is good news. At the very least, he’s a good enough goalie for at least 30-40 games a season. That’s more stable goaltending than the Flames have had in a long time and it would be stupid to not at least try to build on what Rittich has done so far. For all the worrying, it’s still only his first NHL season as a starter in some capacity, and his third North American season in total.

Mike Smith is certainly not being re-signed. He’s very old, expensive, and is quite clearly over the hill. You save a load of money in an expensive offseason by letting him walk, so they’ll let him walk. You can really do better than Smith.

For prospects, no one is close. Jon Gillies has imploded. Tyler Parsons has been battling injuries and is also struggling. Nick Schneider has been more intriguing than his junior career suggested about him, but that’s based on an 11-game AHL sample. Mason McDonald has taken three years to be ECHL good. Don’t count on any of them to be NHLers next season.

So those are the definites. You have one good enough goalie and need one more, but there’s still some questions to be answered. Is Rittich a starter or a 1A/1B type goalie? What if he’s just a backup? What if this season is an outlier year? What do you pay him after this season? And for how long?

When you figure those out, you can proceed to step two: finding the other goalie. Do they need a backup? Do they need a starter? How old/young should they be? Should they be an established NHL goalie or should they take a risk on a promising yet inexperienced goalie? How much money can be allocated to them? Can they find an internal solution? Depending on how the rest of the season goes, the offseason search for a goalie could be maybe the most thorough in years.

The goalie mess is likely going to be unsolved for a little while. Let’s see how the rest of the season plays out and hope that these questions get answered so there’s less uncertainty in the offseason. At least they have one piece of the puzzle, which is one more than the Flames have usually had in previous years.

  • buts

    Agreed ….Smith is over the hill and Rittich is unproven. If we don’t upgrade the goaltending position you can all the best available forwards and D in the league and it will mean nothing.

    • freethe flames

      One name that came up at the end of yesterdays thread was Jack Campbell out of LA. While the sample size is relatively small might he not be good insurance. Gilles plus a late round draft pick or a B prospect.

  • freethe flames

    I would stay away from Simmonds and would much rather use a Heat player instead of him. There are probably a number of options that could play in the middle 6 forward group that will not cost as much a Simmond’s; you mentioned Zucc(I was not keen on this when it was first mentioned) and Marcus Johansson who finally seems to be healthy. The cost for either is unknown but should not cost us a 1st rounder; a third and a prospect. I even wonder about a playoff warrior like Trevor Lewis but I think the farm guys might be just as good. Here is hoping that Stone is cleared to play as it would allow BT not to need to go shopping for a depth defender.

    With the Wild struggling and the GM having permission to shop players to try and retool for the future is there anyone there that is affordable. Coyle’s name was mentioned with Buffalo in another article but it said that the Sabres might e willing to offer a 1st rounder(they have) and I’m not sure that we could afford that price.

  • MontanaMan

    For a long playoff run, the Flames need to add size and skill. There are some good options on the farm for fourth line replacements, but none of them come with size. If there’s anything the 2019 schedule has shown us is that the Flames are small up front and need to get bigger for a long run.

      • MontanaMan

        Functional size is ideal, but players like Tom Wilson are tough to find. This is why Wayne Simmonds, albeit on the downside of his career, will receive a lot of attention as a rental. My point is the Flames need size and skill, so I’m less enthused about a Zuc or Panarin scenario as both are skilled but small and in the case of Panarin, very costly. If the Flames go the Zuc route, I think they need to add a Clifford type player. If they go Stone (although he doesn’t play a “big” game) I think they can add a heavyweight as insurance.

        • Flameon13

          How do you feel then about possibly moving brodie for some second line scoring (centre or RW) and getting someone like Mcquaid as a rental to come into a bottom pairing role?

          • MontanaMan

            I know it’s a polarizing topic, but I’m not a big Brodie fan and would move him in the right scenario, specifically with some additional salary for Stone with a commitment to resign.

          • MontanaMan

            It’s a lot to ask of Valimaki but I really like the kid. The issue might be having so many youngsters on the blue line – Andersson, Valimaki, Kylington and Hanifin all very young and inexperienced for an NHL playoff run and no real relief if one of them gets hurt. It would be a risky move for sure.

          • Flameon13

            I would be okay with Hamonic taking brodies spot on the top pair and hanifan with ras on the second line then have a third pair of kylington and one of Stone/Adam Mcquaid and Prout as the 7th/8th dman. But whoever brodie gets us back has to be a second line center or RW that’s under contract past the year or can be resigned.

        • freethe flames

          I like the idea of Clifford and he should not cost much. He is a functional 4th line LW. Zuc plays bigger than his size. The Kings should be sellers and there may be some interesting deals made with them.

        • Luter 1

          I see you have come around to the idea of getting some size and toughness on this team, I seem to recall in my earlier posts that you didn’t think that was important. Games since the All-star break change your mind?

          • MontanaMan

            Not sure if this is for me or for all of FN; but if it’s for me, I’m a big proponent of team toughness and I’ve always believed the Flames are too small/soft up front. You can’t expect that first line to get roughed up for an entire series when the refs put away their whistles. Ferland showed us the importance of a tough winger when he was here and while I think the Calgary/Carolina trade was a good one for the locals, getting another winger with Ferland’s pedigree (but not his concussion issues) should be a priority.

  • Linebrawl

    I’ve always thought Duchene would be the best addition for the Flames. I don’t think we have enough Centre depth to make a long run as it sits right now.

    The new lineup could look something like this:
    Gaudreau – Monahan – Lindholm
    Tkachuk – Backlund – Frolik
    Bennett – Duchene – Neal
    Mangiapane – Jankowski – Ryan

    If the 3M line can get going again, that 3rd line could make for a game changing matchup.

    • freethe flames

      I think the cost of acquiring a Duchene or a Stone is to expensive for the Flames; the believed ask is a 1st and 2 solid prospects for a rental. some teams like the Jets have way more than we can offer because they have more depth in their organization at the moment. Based on what has been rumored that the Jets have offered would the Flames faithful be willing to trade the 1st, one for the 3 young defenders and Dube for a rental? Because based upon the rumours that is what it would take to match the Jets.

  • Al Rain

    Re goalies, I suspect that Rittich is more of a 1b type (which explains his mid-season dip) and that Smith surprises, slightly, in the playoffs. In the offseason Smith walks and Treliving takes a chance on a “promising yet inexperienced “ option to tandem Rittich.

    But keep in mind I’m on record saying that Elliott was the safe bet in net (before his playoff round against the Ducks). And before that, that Hiller was going to get the job done when everyone else thought he was washed up. So there you go.

  • Greg

    I think the bigger question is what do you do with the goalies this year? Neither had been good enough to take the playoffs reins. Neither has been bad enough to warrant spending assets to bring in a true starter. It’s no mans land.

    If Stone became available in a sign and trade kind of deal, I think you’d have to go that route and hope your lineup is dominating enough to win with below average goaltending. If he’s not, maybe you look at a NyQuist/Howard combination is your best bet? Or just stand pat? No point spending the futures if goaltending is likely going to sink you early in the playoffs anyway.

  • canadian1967

    On Saturday I saw 20 year old Matt Tkachuk caught from behind by 40 year old Matt Cullen. This was Disturbing to me and I am now really worried about Chucky’s skating in the future.
    I know I’ll get trashed and ridiculed, but his skating is soooooo weak that I just wanted to see what you guys think about possibly trading him.
    Maybe something like:
    To Ott
    To Cgy
    Stone (signed to 8 x 8ish)

      • Skylardog

        Ottawa will not give us Chabot unless one of our young D guys is headed their way plus even more. It would most likely have to be Vali. Chabot is their guy on the back end for the future. He may be untouchable.

        Stone straight up for Tkachuk is possible. It gives them a long term young star, and gives us a top end RW right now and for maybe 5 years. It is more likely that we would have to add to Tkachuk to get Stone, not get more than Stone for Tkachuk.

        • Kevin R

          Holy crap! People talking Tkachuk, a 21 year old up & coming potential captain of this team for a f***g rental.
          Wow! Why would anyone think Stone is just going to quickly negotiate a long term extension with the Flames so he can accommodate a trade for Ottawa at the TDL. Can we move on from trading some of our best young players for a rental please. This weather has been really numbing some perspectives here today.

          • Bawcos

            100% Their 2nd place in the league in what we think is just the beginning of a lengthy window. So the response to that is to take one of the key young players (youngest of the key players) and trade him and his controlled contract, for a guy who’s less productive, might not resign but is a better skater. Meanwhile completely overhauling their forward lineup in hopes that it works out a little better? Holy – great beard of Zeus – NO!

          • Skylardog

            Does it say rental anywhere?
            Stone is a complete player, while Tkachuk will be but not for 3 to 4 years.
            Stone has more points, and more at 5v5.
            Could you imagine him on the top PP with Mony and Johnny?

          • Kevin R

            So Dog! You think Stone is just going to magically sign an extension with the Flames? The guy has gone thru hell to finally get his freedom & sign anywhere he wants, you think he would give that up in a rushed contract negotiation prior to a trade being finalized in the next week? I dont mind some some science fiction trade scenarios but you are really reaching on this. You think the Flames are going to to dump a $10-11 mill per contract on him knowing that is what we may have to pay him in this horrible scenario. MD & Stone & Panarins are other teams huge problem, lets not take on other peoples problems because in a few years we will have the same decisions with a few of our own young stars.

    • Jessemadnote

      So the 21 year old, defensively elite, point per game player with leadership qualities and toughness and size got caught flat footed one shift and now you want to trade him?

      • Luter 1

        I wouldn’t call him defensively elite, in fact he struggles getting the puck out of our own end a lot of the time. Hopefully we can save a few million a year when we resign him as he is one of few that go to the tough spots and takes a beating.

        • Jessemadnote

          He takes on the best competition in the league, most of the time in the defensive zone and posts league best possession numbers as a 21 year old. He may not be elite but he sure is trending that way.

    • Trevy

      I actually agree, I love Tkachuk, but if we can get a signed Stone and Dzingel for Tkachuk plus, I would do that in a heartbeat! If we do keep Tkachuk, that’s great too, but not at the numbers being bandied about. He’s not worth more than Gio or Gaudreau money

        • Kevin R

          Maybe the love fest is because the kid plays lots of games with a give a crap & has excellent hockey IQ for a young man. Im sick of the great give away of our young players for rentals that wont be wearing Flames jersey’s next fall.

          • Kevin R

            & you think the Stone extension is going to be a cake walk & can get done in 7 days? Thats the whole point, these high end rentals are seeing what Tavares did & they deliberately decided to wait until free agency to go wherever they want & to push a few million up in salary. Assume any of these big names are gone after the playoffs. Then how much are you willing to part with?
            Personally, I am more inclined to get excited at the thought of maybe getting Burakovsky from Washington if the rumours of a Frolik for him have any truth. I can a player like Frolik would be of interest to the Caps & Tre getting value on buying low on a big winger that is RFA in July. Also the dust up with Frolik’s agent points to Frolik being moved sooner than later.

          • Jourflamesfan

            I think what their saying is that some fans have overly discussed a contract far greater than Gio ot JG and that while MT is an excellent young player he certainly not worthy of a contract greater than aforementioned leaders of our team.

    • Raffydog

      I’d do that. Tkachuk has got to be one of the worst skaters in the league. I remember the play you’re talking about, and was shocked at how slow that guy is.

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      I agree that Tkachuk’s skating is weak by NHL standards, but he has been able to dominate with only average skating so their is lots of promise. I have seen players with below level skating make it a strength like Tavares, Benn, even Stone. It can be done.

      I would rather trade for Stone and Dzingel than pay Tkachuk 8 million per year. I have no problem paying Stone that kind of money because I believe he is on the same level as Johnny. Now if we can bring in Stone and keep both him and Tkachuk then we are closer to a championship.

  • MDG1600

    I fail to see how Neal’s injury creates a need to replace him. If his name was Joe shlabotnik and he was getting paid $1 M per he would be playing in Stockton. As far as I am concerned his current replacement options (Czarnik, Lazar, Dube, Quine) are already an upgrade.

    • freethe flames

      You are even harsher on Neal than I am. If we acquire a forward who is a legit top 9 then the question is where do you play Neal b/c he has not consistently been a top 9 forward this year.(he has had a few games that he has been but not enough to justify his salary) and he is not a 4th liner.

      • The Beej

        I think that is a good problem to have. You cant bump Bennett down in favour of Neal.

        Look around the league. For forwards we have been pretty lucky with Injuries. Injuries will happen in the playoffs. Having Neal on the 4th line would be a nice depth to have going into the playoffs. Likely injuries happen and likely he doesnt play there for long.

    • Luter 1

      Problem with Neal is he is playing like a 4th liner but doesn’t fit a role on the 4th line, no bang and crash, no forecheck and pouted for 30 games because he wasn’t on the first line. Total anchor for this team with that contract.

  • everton fc

    1. We can’t afford to re-sign Duchene, or Stone, or any big fish. Move on.
    2. We need to re-sign Tkachuk, Rittich, Bennett and, yes, Hathaway. We may also want to re-sign Lazar. Which is why I typed #1, above.
    3. Simmonds had major surgeries off-season, and multiple injuries, prior. If he’s healthy now, and can be “had” for a 3rd, he may not be that bad a fit. He has 16 goals – I’d take 16 goals for a 3rd.
    4. I’d prefer Zuccarello, but now the talk is the Rangers are speaking to his agent, and even if he is traded, he’ll re-sign w/the Rangers. I’d like to sign Zuccarello here, off-season. If the latter is not possible, we move on from Zuccarello.
    5. One destination for Brodie would be Detroit, his favourite team as a kid, and closer to his hometown, then Calgary. Brodie for Nyquist, perhaps? I am not sold on moving Brodie, and Nyquist is not that young (30 when next season starts)… But that might be on place Brodie could land safely.
    6. I’d still ask about Ferland.
    7. I don’t mind Clifford here. Or McQuaid. Clifford’s only 28. He has more goals than Neal, this season.
    8. I think guys like Lazar, Quine, Rychel, and Lomberg can help us, if we lose bodies.
    9. I’d also ask the Kings about Toffoli and Cal Petersen.
    10. I’d ask the Devils about Miles Wood and Markus Johanssen.
    11. I’d ask the Caps about Burakovsky.

    Just some random thoughts…

    • freethe flames

      On Brodie to Detroit: I would want more than Nyquist as a rental for TJ. Also I am not sure he would waive his NTC just to get closer to home. Some of the rest of your ideas have merit.

    • MontanaMan

      If you can trade and sign a guy like Stone, resigning most of the others is a moot point. Hathaway has done a good job but he’s not a priority and can easily be replaced. If Tre makes the move to trade for Stone, he also needs to move salary the other way and prioritizes his current roster as to who he will resign. If it was Stone in and Brodie/Frolik out, I’m a buyer.

    • Greg

      1. If Neal is part of the package going back, then signing Stone becomes a viable option.

      I’d give up a pretty rich package for Stone if he’s going to be part of our core for the remainder of our window.

      If it’s purely a rental situation, I don’t think I’d give up much without a better plan in net. Keep the powder dry until we see if BSD is a bonafide starter next year or we need to spend assets to fix that still.

  • Trevy

    I would still keep it simple with some low key adds, such as Clifford and/or Staal. Both provide size, playoff experience and won’t cost a lot. Maybe add an veteran depth defenseman in case our young dmen get overwhelmed or injuries

  • Raffydog

    I wouldn’t sign Rittich. He crumbled under pressure last season, and is doing the same this year as well. Not worth investing the money or time on someone who can’t handle pressure.

    • Flameon13

      Rittich won’t cost much to resign and can play at a high level. Whether it’s a case of pressure or maybe streakiness he is still young and will become more consistent and be able to handle pressure better as he continues to mature. Offer him a two to three year deal and sign Robyn Lehner alongside him for competition and continue to let him develop as him and Lehner splits starts for the next couple years until he has proven that the net belongs to him and is ready to take over full time.

  • Skylardog

    Very confused over the article saying we would have trouble fitting in Duchene. We desperately need a second line scoring option. I don’t think Duchene is the best option, but we have a hole there none the less.

    If you think about it, and assume 50 minutes of 5v5 playing time per game. Give 15 to each of the top 3 lines. That leaves 5 minutes for our 4th line at 5v5. You then have differences in playing time based on special teams.


    I assume that Janko leaves for a center, and Mangi leaves for the RW. You move Frolik for Cap space.

    Now you give PP time to lines 1 and 2 + Benny and Neal (Czar)
    You give PK time to Backs, Ryan, Lazar, Hath, then Lindholm or Quine

    You end up with lines 1 and 2 at 18 minutes each
    Benny gets about 16 as does Neal or Czar
    Backs gets 18 with PK time.
    Ryan, Hath, get about 9, as would their LW.
    Lazar if in gets 15 to 17 if on line 3, or 9 if on line 4.

    The key here is no burnout through normal play and shifts.
    We primarily run 3 lines, with line 4 getting shifts early and when there are long stints between whistles and commercial breaks.

    Backs line starts a high percentage of D-zone draws, when not an icing.

    Not sure why they think Backs gets the tough matchups. As said yesterday in interviews, Many’s line faces the oppositions top lines most nights especially on the road.

    Just food for thought, by no means are the lines or ice time written in Stone.

    • Flameon13

      Do you think Kadri could be got at the TDL and would you be interested in him? He scored 32 goals the past two seasons won’t quite get there the year though but more so playing on the third line behind Mathews and Tavares. Signed for the next 4 years and is an expensive third liner for Toronto so could be got if the price is right.

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      So for those of you that think we should dangle Janko, I give you Drake Caggiula. A player that had a bit role with the Oilers and is now playing on a line with Kane and sometimes Toews. Janko has so much more to offer in a top six role before cutting bait.

  • Off the wall

    I think we’re out of the Stone sweepstakes. If by some chance he’s traded, Winnipeg will pick him up. Same with Duchene.

    Those are one of the 2 big fish Winnipeg is trying to net.

    Treliving won’t get into a bidding war for Stone’s services.

  • Skylardog

    You move the ship forward. Get some of this done this TDL, some in the summer, and some at next years TDL.

    We need cap space to get it all done.

    Frolik out for a pick. Boston has a need. -$4.3M. Get a third for him
    Benny has value and is a passenger. Yup, I like him, but we can replace him. I have him pegged at $2.5M next season and beyond. -$2.5.

    We need a top 6 RW. Trade for Stone. He is available now.
    Benny, Mangi, and a first in 2019 for Stone and a third in 2019.

    Keep Mangi and give up Czar? That may be enough. But don’t lose one of the very best RWs in the NHL cause you want to keep a 4th line LW.

    We need a goalie, but lets just wait and sign the best option as a UFA or give up something minor in the summer to get a good one.

    If you can move Brodie for a first and a prospect now you take it. He would go to a contender so a team not on his no trade list.

    If you could move Neal + a 4th for a 5th you do it. If you can trade him straight up for a low round pick and retain up to $2.0M, you do it.

    Next summer or at the 2020 TDL, you move Janko and a prospect, plus a pick or another prospect for a top 6 center. I still really like Zibanejad.


    You sign Hath if you can move Neal.

    A Prout like 7th
    Stone on LTIR

    UFA/RFA Goalie, Backup or starter depending on how 2019 playoffs go

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      I have been watching a lot of Ranger games so I am curious what makes you think the Rangers would part with Zibanejad, he is their best player. The Rangers can clearly afford to offer an extension. Theway the top line of Zibanejad, Zuc, and Kreider is playing they would be foolish to walk away from that kind of chemistry. Having said that, it makes total sense to trade Zuc for a high draft pick if you are sure he will resign.

      • Skylardog

        Do you take what they want to get rid of, or pry out the best player they have available? Define your needs and then go get the players that fulfill that need from teams that are looking to rebuild.

  • Budgie

    It isn’t beneficial to get an over-priced RFA at the deadline if it means selling the store. Calgary is best to get Ferland back if possible or another physical forward who can add some scoring and checking-Stone is perfect but I wouldn’t go father than a 1 st. round pick and a roster player below the top 9. Smith played well last game, a goalie swap would mean putting him in a deal-is it even possible? Smith is a real team guy, if he gets hot I’m doubtful the Flames would be upgrading the position unless Smith exits for another veteran like Bobrovsky-Goaltending is such a gamble. Dillion Dube can come up, Lazar, Quine, Foo, Lomberg hit everything that moved. I’d like to see someone that is hard to move off the puck like Ferland create some room for the snipers.

  • Budgie

    Calgary has depth at Defense-best case is a player like Ferland who is hard to move off the puck and gives some room to the faster smaller players. If Stone and Valamaki are back soon then perhaps a trade of one defenseman for ? A physical forward who can score-oh, that sounds like Mark Stone-the problem is the cost of Mark Stone, deadline deals always are expensive for the top RFA’s-too expensive