FlamesNation welcomes two new voices

About a week ago, we put out a call for new contributors to the site. We’d like to share the results with you.

First off, we’d like to say that we were overwhelmed with the responses. We received about 50 applications, 20-25 more than we were expecting, making the decision process extremely tough. There were many great applicants, and if you were one of them, we encourage you to keep writing and sticking with it. Writing about this team is extremely fun and we certainly aren’t the only medium to get your voice out there. There will be future opportunities to come aboard, so stick around.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Konstantin and Nathan, the two writers we are bringing aboard this summer. Here they are, in their own words:

Hi FlamesNation! I’m Konstantin and I am extremely excited to bring you the most adequate Flames analysis of the summer. Originally, I became a Flames fan way back in 2002 after seeing Jarome Iginla stomp the Penguins while being scared by the press level seats in my very first ever live hockey game. Ever since then, I have been a Flames fan, for better or worse. Ever since crying at the sight of Iginla leaving the Dome for good, I found a new passion for the team by seeing the emergence of Mikael Backlund, the first true development success I got to see with my own eyes. Now, even though the team makes us all more stressed out then ever before, I am excited to finally cheer about a truly great team.


I became obsessed with the Flames during the ’04 cup run, which has had almost zero payoff but I’m still under the impression that it is absolutely worth it. My favourite players have ranged from Stephane Yelle to Daymond Langkow to Mikael Backlund, because nothing is better than a defensively-responsible centre. I’m very excited to have moved back to Calgary from BC because it means I don’t also have to watch the Canucks if I want to see the Flames live. I strongly believe that the NHL needs to do a way better job at meaning it when they say that “Hockey is for Everyone”.

Give our new pals a big welcome, and look out for future, top-notch content from them.

    • Off the wall

      Welcome to FN, Konstantin and Nathan.

      Happy Mother’s Day to all the fine hard- working ladies out there!

      I built my darling wife a outdoor bench and table. It was really difficult trying to hide it from her as I was building it. Try hiding a frickin 6 foot bench and a 24 inch table. I think I put my back out, moving the darn things 5x over the last week.

      At least she’s very happy. She loves it, even though I’m not the greatest carpenter. I need a rest.
      I think I’ll take a nap on the bench…

  • The GREAT WW

    Welcome aboard Konstantin and Nathan!!!

    Let me bring big you up to speed before you embarrass yourself and write a Corsi article about how great Backlund is;

    In the beginning Corsi was a valuable stat because good players have more shot attempts for than against.
    When the coaches started rewarding Corsi players with ice time and GMs started rewarding Corsi players with fat contracts some players started to play for Corsi instead ofpoints, goals or even wins.
    They are called Corsi posers and Backlund is the president….
    You’re welcome.


  • Jon Moxley

    02′ and 04′ wow…..Some of us have been fans since the Flames walked by in the lobby of the good old Coral. Back when you could here every word spoken on the ice and fans were fans not corporate cronies in attendance because it was the cool place to be seen. 04′ bandwagon jumping year, but a fan none the less. You think they would have chosen a writer that contributed to the nation in the past. Anyways like most I read the headline and scroll past the article to read the comments. To me WW, OTW, Skyler, Durp, joelsjock etc are what makes this page great and why I visit this page. Good luck newbies and WW is correct, keep your corsi bs to yourself.


    • HOCKEY83

      I got to say I’m not in the “like most” catigory as you say when reading the article. I do not scroll past and do read it. Yes some of the drama among the posters can get quite ludicrous at times but always hillarious. I love that part of it too.

    • Hi there!

      On the original article asking for new contributors, you commented: “I devour great articles about our Flames, and will read the same piece sometimes dozens of times, in an attempt to learn more about the craft and, frankly, to be entertained. Great writing is one of the world’s last great turn-ons.”

      Konnie and Nathan are two great writers who meet those standards you expressed in your original comment, and we’re proud to have them on board. If you disagree with their perspectives, you’re absolutely allowed to voice that (hence the comment section). If you’re going to crap on them for extremely arbitrary reasons without having read a single thing they’ve written, you’re out of line.

    • Budgie

      The Corral was awesome for an NHL game, or the Calgary Cowboys or Centennials. Really loud! You could here everything on the ice if you were close. I’m pretty sure Bear Cat Murray came from the Centennials, then Calgary Cowboys, and finishing with the Flames. He is the ‘Corral’ veteran for Hockey in Calgary.

      • Jon Moxley

        I was just a small boy at the age of 5 years when I witnessed my first NHL game in this historic building. I actually remember watching the players walk by through the lobby with the stench of cigarettes in the air. One of my first memories as a boy. My father told me you could actually spit on the players on the ice from our seats. Neither of us did such a disrespectful thing, but the capabilities were aligned to carry out the task if a fan chose to do so. Please refrain from the use of “crap” comments about this post and show some respect for your elders.


        • Budgie

          The Corral was for Hockey, Concerts, Dog Shows, Circuses, Rodeo, it was used for everything. The pictures on the walls were great-real commemorative. The Centenials were awesome-Danny Gare, Gerry Holland, and Mike Rodgers. Smokey McLeod-it has great memories-not to mention AbDullah the Butcher vs. Tor Kamata-even Stampede wrestling occaisonally-Concerts: Queen, Van Halen, Kiss, James Gang, on and on Rush, anyone touring in Canada would play at the Corral-horrible sound in the stands-large pillars but small enough to get close up where it sounded great.

    • Kevin R

      LOL, I was a Calgary Cowboy fan & went to WHA games at the corral. In 1989 I was so fixed on game 6 in Montreal that I let my 4 month old daughter roll off the bed during the 3rd period. She blames me for lots of stuff to this day :-<

  • Kiprusoff's Revenge

    Just wanted to say congrats to both of you and I’m excited to read articles with some new perspectives!

    Also while some in the comment section is quite against fancy stats there are others who do believe in the value of looking at the stats and trying to determine the cause and whether or not that stat can predict future success. You can never please everyone so don’t worry about any non-constructive criticism, haters gonna hate and the majority of Flamesnation do provide constructive comments so you should be fine!

  • Off the wall

    Here’s something I looked up after the Flames lost in the playoffs. It’s not Corsi related, it’s my Sunday story and it’s long. Grab a cup of coffee… and no, I’m not a writer, you ALL know that.

    I love Sunday’s, don’t you? I enjoy sleeping in a bit and waking up to cooking my favorite breakfast. Bacon and eggs, with a side of toast. Of course, anytime I have the opportunity to eat bacon, makes me giddy with happiness.

    For most of us Sunday is a day of rest. We might be spending time with family members, or perhaps be with friends. Whatever it is that you do on Sunday, it also means preparing for the upcoming work week that lies ahead. I know some of you work shifts and weekends. Sunday’s are just a regular work day for you. I must admit I work for a few hours on Sunday, so I sympathize with you.

    Being a professional NHL player sounds awesome. However, their schedule is often an erratic, irregular one, marked by morning practices any given day and traveling so frequently, you have to wonder if they forget what day it is. Seven months of traveling back and forth must be tough for schedules and being at your best every game.

    I’ve often wondered if there is a correlation to pinpoint a DAY of the week,when the Flames are at their peak? For example, I know Friday”s are not my most productive day. I generally table lighter jobs for Friday, for my weary muscles are aching by then.
    It’s been noted by several human studies, that people who work Monday to Friday are at their optimum, or most productive on Tuesday’s. Data suggests it’s been that way for 30 years. But professional NHL players don’t exactly fit the criteria for that measurement.

    So, in retrospect I decided to take a look at the Calgary Flames most recent 2018-19 regular season and determine if there is any correlation, or pattern that exists for an optimal DAY of the week that they play their best and by association, if there’s a DAY in the week that they are at their worst.

    What I discovered is surprising. The Flames are absolutely horrible on Thursday’s. Uh huh..
    They played 12 games on a Thursday, 6 on home ice, 6 away from home. Out of 12 games played they won 3, ONLY 3 games on a Thursday! At home the Flames record was 1 win, 5 loses. They didn’t fare much better away from home with 2 wins, 4 loses. That’s 25% in wins, 75% in losses on Thursday’s. I think we all remember the drubbing the Flames took at the Saddledome, against the Pittsburgh Penguins with a scolding 9-1 beat-down. You don’t need to guess which day that was. Yup, Thursday October 25th. If you are a betting person, don’t pick the Flames to win on that day of the week.

    Mike Smith and David Rittich shared 3 games in net on Thursday’s, that’s never good. Both were pulled from goal in those games. Smith had a meager .866 SV% , while Rittich carried a less than stellar .901 SV% on Thursday’s.

    It’s pretty difficult to win with a SV% like that. We can’t just blame the goalies either, for the Flames could only muster up 35 goals in 12 games, while the opposition scored 45.
    Although the goals scored don’t appear all that bad, (I mean it’s still a decent number) how do we account for so many losses on Thursday’s?
    If I’m Bill Peters, ( thank goodness I’m not) I would have an ulcer before Thursday games. He should really look into this, and maybe have a Fire Drill. What is it about that day that leads to such poor results? No bacon Thursday’s?

    For now, we can see Thursday is a bad day for the Flames. However with the bad, there’s also the good.

    If you had to pick, which day of the week would you think the Flames play their best?
    Well, I can tell you that the human studies for Monday to Friday workers doesn’t apply here. Although the Tuesday record is good, it doesn’t come close to their best or optimal day. They won 6 games, lost 3 for those wondering. That’s very good, but not their best.

    Believe it or not, (no this isn’t Ripley”s) the Flames love Sunday’s as much as I do!
    Do you think they have their favorite breakfast that day, because the results are outstanding? Out of 11 games played on Sunday, they won 9 of them. Although they only had one game at home on a Sunday, against the Vegas Golden Knights, they won it 6-3. That was the day Tkachuk recorded his first hat trick, Sunday March 10th , and had a 4 point game. He definitely ate his breakfast. I’m sure he ate bacon!

    As visitors for the 10 games, they won 8, or 80% if you want to get fancy. This time it didn’t matter who was in net. Rittich’s record was 5wins, 1 loss with an outstanding .940 SV% . Mike Smith also fared well with 4wins, 1 loss and a .914 SV% . Unfortunately, Smith had ONE poor showing against San Jose, the last Sunday game of the regular season, March 31st ,which the Flames won 5-3 and clinched the Division and Conference, so it still had a silver lining Sunday.
    Otherwise, Smith’s SV% would have been on par with Rittich. That’s how consistent he was on Sunday.

    The goals scored against the Flames on Sunday games was a paltry 21 goals. The goals for, a whopping 45! That averages out to 1.90 GA and 4.09 GF. Talk about production!
    I don’t know how to digest this, other than to say it’s been a revelation looking at the 18-19 regular season with it’s ebbs and flows on the days the Flames play.

    If the Flames could provide the kind of consistency that benchmarks Sunday’s as their best or most productive day for hockey, then perhaps it behooves us to have our 2019-20 season schedule feature more Sunday games and less Thursday ones.

    Then we can all enjoy our favorite breakfast on Sunday’s, knowing our Flames have an 82% chance of winning those games. For now, bacon is calling and I MUST answer.

      • deantheraven

        Yours was golden, too, SF!
        I’ve been reading but not posting much lately. Rest assured, your posts are worthy of more cheers than trashes. I can’t wait for training camp, and next season, to read about the Flames at both levels. Best to you, and Mrs Finest!

        • Stockton's Finest

          Dean, I was just commenting that OTW says he isn’t a writer but he churns out posts like this.

          Love ya’ OTW and waiting (not so patiently) for the schedule to come out for next year’s pilgrimage to Calgary and Vancouver. This time we stay a little longer.

    • deantheraven

      Oh, OTW! More gold from the Isle. When I come back to Canada, I hope to make it out your way and when I do, I’ll be looking you up with malt beverages in mind!
      Your post is the kind of analysis I love to read. And speaking of Sundays, when I was a lad we used to travel west of Cowtown every Sunday and ride dirt bikes up and down cut lines all day. Somebody even made made a movie called “On Any Sunday” (it’s on YouTube still), which glorified the dirt bike lifestyle.
      I don’t ride anymore but I did have bacon today, and naturally, talking Flames is a part of any balanced breakfast, even in Germany. Ok, maybe just in my house…
      Happy Sunday!

  • Chucky

    I am looking forward to the new perspectives assuming they don’t get heavily into advanced statistics. (my dad always said “figures don’t lie but lairs can figure” and some of those advanced statistics can prove that the sky is blue at night).
    To offer one piece of advice, notice that there is a real appreciation throughout FN for OTW because he brings a unique perspective with fun and dedication, strive to emulate this openness and enthusiasm that he uses to bring us all some smiles.

  • Jobu

    Jobu didnt make the cut.
    He’s going to create his own web page in furious retaliation.

    – No ads
    – Edit button in comments
    – Adult only content
    – Mini Games
    – Prizes
    – Links to quality FlamesNation articles
    – and MORE…