95Jakob Pelletier
Photo Credit: Rob Wallator/CHL Images

Flames select Jakob Pelletier at 26th overall

After a long wait, the Flames have selected Jakob Pelletier from the Monton Wildcats from the QMJHL with their first round pick.

Pelletier is a 5’9, 161 pound left winger who shoots left. In his most recent season, he picked up 39 goals and 50 assists in 65 games played. Scouting services ranked him all over the place, as high as #20 from Future Considerations, and as low as #43 from McKeen’s. We profiled him here.

While undersized, Pelletier impressed scouts with his speed skating and hard-nosed offensive play. He’s well regarded for his hockey IQ, being able to function as both a playmaker and a goalscorer. He’s also been praised for his willingness to play bigger than his size, going into the tough areas of the offensive zone to make plays.

The Flames, barring any surprises, are done for the day. They will pick 88th, 116th, 150th, and 214th tomorrow. The second day of the draft begins at 11 AM.

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  • moodyblue2

    What’s BT got up his sleeve for tomorrow? I suspect we will have a pick in the 2nd round! Welcome to The Flames Jakob! I like this pick! WW I’m sure complained about Johnny a few years ago! Look how that turned out! This guy sounds fiestier than a lot of our big guys!

  • Luter 1

    No more soft players please, I don’t care what size they are. Guys like Mony, Jankowski for their size really both play like 5’5” players. I think this idea of supposedly drafting the “best player available” only if the player also brings grit. You can’t tell me teams like Boston don’t draft with this mindset as they always come up with solid gritty players.

  • Nick24

    Would of been great if the Flames chose Kaliyev or Brink, but Pelletier is a really solid pick. He’s a good player, and should be able to produce in the middle of the lineup in a few years. Him and Anthony Mantha had the same point totals in their respective draft years, and were also both 2nd on their teams in scoring. So there is reason for optimism!
    It would be wonderful if the Flames could make it into the 2nd round and pick up one of the forwards that slid out of the 1st. That being said, there should be some valuable players still available for Calgary, especially considering how the first round went. Hope you all enjoyed the night!

    • everton fc

      Brink is slow. He’s not a quick skater. A small guy who is also slow – not what we need. Pelletier’s the better player.

      I’ve typed these words before, here; I could have lived w/Kaliyev, at #26. But he seems to have some challenges playing hard, every shift. I’d trade into the 2nd to get Kaliyev, though.

      • Nick24

        Brink has an awkward stride but average speed, so I don’t think I’d call him slow. He’s a really good play maker. Someone will be happy with him.

        On Kaliyev – it seems that there are often players that are very highly skilled that get labeled as being floaters, or as having wishy-washy compete. Sometimes it’s size, sometimes it’s they’re a perimeter player. The thing is, he scored 100+ points in the OHL this year. Debrincat did that in his Draft year, too, and his knock was size. People were so focused on not missing the next perceived Debrincat in Caufield, that they may have missed a guy that could very well go on to be a 40 goal player in 2 years, in Kaliyev. I get the knocks, but: 51 goals, 51 assists. In the OHL to boot! Seems like a missed opportunity. It just seems obvious that Kaliyev had much more upside. NHLe of 29 vs an NHLe of 38.

        I do agree, moving up to take him in the 2nd would a good move for Calgary.

        • everton fc

          I agree. And maybe Brink is not “slow”. He doesn’t have elite speed. Pelletier seems to have just that.

          I think Pelletier’s a safe pick. Kaliyev a risk. I’d have been happy, either way. This is where BT gets on the phones and moves a decent body, to get a decent return, which includes a 2nd. Then, you take Kaliyev.

          One can dream!

    • everton fc

      From the Hockey Writers, below. Isn’t this exactly what we need – leadership, character, skill, speed, and tenacity? (Note, he’s a better centre, than a winger, and note the source);

      “Pelletier was a valuable player with the Wildcats this season. He played on the team’s first power-play unit and was a second unit forward on the penalty-killing unit. He is a relentless forechecker and is always committed to the backcheck. The leadership he demonstrated during training camp this season earned him an assistant captain role. Many scouts are reminded of a young Steve Yzerman when they see Pelletier’s two-way game and leadership on the ice.

      According to former NHL coach and general manager Pierre Page, “Pelletier is a fast, skilled forward that can score on a consistent basis. His size could be a factor and he is a better center than a winger. The fact that he played right wing for most of the second half of the season could affect his draft ranking.”

  • How's She Goin'

    I’ve closely followed and watched many Q league games over the past 20 years as I live in Halifax. I’ll be the first to admit that a vast majority of Q players over the years have been one dimensional. Typically many of the highly skilled guys have lacked heart and the guys with heart have lacked the requisite skills to play in the NHL. This Pelletier kid is unique in he sense that he has the heart and the skill. Great potential with proper development and a good pick. I agree we need some more size, but get that in the later rounds! Based on the playoffs we need more guys who show up every night. That’s Pelletier.

    • freethe flames

      Well the good thing is you will get to keep us updated on him next year and maybe the following year.The good thing is he has time to grow and get stronger and he gets to do it on someone else’s dime for the moment.

  • freethe flames

    First of all thank you for the small group who came out to the first annual(at least that I have been too) FN draft social. We had fun and it was nice to meet everyone. As a group we were a little disappointed in the pick; another small LHF; but let’s be honest who know what he will become. So welcome to Flames world young man and here is hoping you develop into an NHL player. The big question we had was what will happen tomorrow; will BT be able to add some more picks or find a way to add a top 6 forward.

    • Yes. I work at a liquor store like a half a block from Rogers Arena in Vancouver. Some Minnesota scouting staff came in for a bottle and it came up that I’m a Flames fan, so I said something like, “I thought Calgary was supposed to pick up Zucker today.” One of the guys said, “Wait for tomorrow,” and gave me a look. Not much of a rumour: Zucker could totally go to another team, or I’m sure it could all fall through or whatever, but I got to feel like an inside sports reporter texting my friends about it 😛

  • dash

    You draft the player that you think is going to turn into something. Who cares about their size. You can always use them as currency later on. You don’t think JG would fetch you a hefty return. You can trade them for grit, size, toughness later on. You can trade them for any position later on. The point is passing on skill will always come back to bite you.

  • drogon

    Awesome pick! Speed and one of the highest skill sets in the draft. We need more of this. We have 3 turtles on the team: Monahan, Tkachuk & Giordano, and they spend lots of time on the ice. Speedster like Bennett or Mangiapane are the ones having success in playoffs.