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Flames select Josh Nodler at 150th overall

The Flames have selected forwards with their past 12 draft picks, spanning across the past three drafts. They’re continuing that trend with their fifth round pick, selecting forward Josh Nodler at 150th overall.

Nodler is a 6’0, 196 pound righty from Fargo in the USHL, and is headed to Michigan State next season, joining up with fellow Flames fifth round pick Mitchell Mattson (2016). In his most recent season, he put up 17 goals and 25 assists in 54 games played. Scouts projected he would go between 106th (Athletic) and 277th (Future Considerations).

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Nodler was very impressive at the Hlinka tournament, leading the USA in scoring with one goal and six assists in five games. That beat out players like Arthur Kaliyev, Nicolas Robertson, and Robert Mastrosimone, who were drafted ahead of him.

The Flames have one pick remaining, 214th in the seventh round. They have already selected Jakob Pelletier, Ilya Nikolayev, and Lucas Feuk.

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  • freethe flames

    At least he is a RH:
    Ranked #106 by THE ATHLETIC
    Ranked #149 by MCKEEN’S HOCKEY
    Ranked #86 by NHL CENTRAL SCOUTING (NA Skaters)

  • Albertabeef

    Well finally a righty. However probably college bound and likely never play/sign for us after we trade Johnny in two years. So yet another great possibility of a waste of a pic. I may be extra grumpy today, I have this crappy Victoria Jazzfest blaring in my window. It’s horrible and does not have a whole lot of jazz music(they are playing blues right this moment). It’s even worse than their crappy Bluesfest Labour Day weekend.

    • Slowmo

      as far as darting College bound players I am totally in agreement with you they should not be allowed in the draft since they don’t have to abide by the NHL draft rules you have to play for the team you are drafted by or go through the draft again pure carziness drafting these kids JMO

  • benfr

    Please stop it with the righty/lefty obsession. You take the best player available if you want to build assets with value. There are plenty of examples in current NHL and historically of very good players playing the off wing.

    • Beer League Coach

      Successful teams usually have a good balance of left and righty shooters. Flames have very few RH shots. That changes the dynamics of an offense when the player can’t get a good shooting angle at the net. On defense it makes a ton of difference when playing along the boards to keep a puck in at the offensive zone blue line. Basic hockey 101. Boston and Nashville are 2 teams that have a L – R split that is almost 50-50. Last year Flames only had Lindholm, Ryan, Hathaway, and Czarnik as RH forwards and Andersson and Hamonic on D. Stone was injured most of the season and Prout was the #8 D man who seldom played. Flames need for RH shots is obvious to any knowledgeable hockey fan.

    • freethe flames

      I disagree with you. While I don’t think you need half of your forwards being R/L I do think it makes a team better to have RHS who can take faceoffs. Last year having Ryan and Lindy being able to take their SS faceoffs helped this team significantly. I think of the Lindy/Janko PK tandem and how well they played together and I think a lot of that was a L/R thing. I know that some of the best scorers ever have been guys who play their offwing and I’m okay with that. Also on D more teams are trying to go L/R.