2024 FlamesNation Writing Staff Mock Draft

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Robert Munnich
25 days ago
We are one day away from the 2024 NHL Entry Draft at The Sphere in Las Vegas. This is going to be one of the more eventful and unpredictable first rounds in modern NHL history. There are going to be fireworks from pick two onward.
We thought it would be fun to mock draft the first round and see how things could potentially shape up. Shane Stevenson, Mike Gould and myself got together and made selections on behalf of the 32 general managers.
(Robert) Pick 1 – San Jose Sharks – Macklin Celebrini (F)
The Sharks had a historically bad season but it ends up working in their favour as they draft a future star player in Macklin Celebrini.
(Shane) Pick 2 – Chicago Blackhawks – Artyom Levsunov (D)
I understand how skilled Demidov is, but I think Leshunov brings such a unique package of size and skill on the back end – all while being a right handed player – that is too enticing to pass up.
(Mike) Pick 3 – Anaheim Ducks – Zeev Buium (D)
I just have a weirdly strong feeling about Buium going to Anaheim. He’s an all-skill guy on defence who would fit in nicely with that team, particularly in Jamie Drysdale’s absence.
(Robert) Pick 4 – Columbus Blue Jackets – Cayden Lindstrom (F)
Adam Fantilli and Cayden Lindstrom set the Columbus Blue Jackets up for a long time down the middle of the ice. That duo has the potential to be a force with their mix of speed, skill, and size.
(Shane) Pick 5 – Montreal Canadiens – Ivan Demidov (F)
Last year they passed on Matvei Michkov to take David Reinbacher but if Demidov somehow falls to them here they should forgo the sizeable option in Lindstrom for the skill Demidov has displayed. Martin St. Louis could work wonders with him.
(Mike) Pick 6 – Utah Hockey Club – Sam Dickinson (D)
Dickinson to Utah feels like a natural fit. That’s a team that badly needs a future No. 1 and he has all the tools to be that guy.
(Robert) Pick 7 – Ottawa Senators – Tij Iginla (F)
Sorry, Flames fans. I don’t think Tij Iginla is going to make it to the ninth pick. Iginla’s combination of skill, size, character and bloodlines is too much for a team in the top eight to pass up on.
(Shane) Pick 8 – Seattle Kraken – Berkly Catton (F)
Since the first mock and this one I’ve really thought about how Seattle has been operating since they started as a franchise, and they take a very analytical approach. If Catton is there at this point I have a hard time seeing them pass on him.
(Mike) Pick 9 – Calgary Flames – Konsta Helenius (F)
The Flames’ first pick could very well be Catton or Iginla in real life, but neither was available to me, so I went with the best centre remaining in Helenius. He’s a well-seasoned two-way player with plenty of upside.
(Robert) – Pick 10 – New Jersey Devils – Beckett Sennecke (F)
There were a few good defensemen available at this spot but the Devils are deep on the blueline. They could use another highly skilled forward.
(Shane) – Pick 11 – San Jose Sharks  – Liam Greentree (F)
(This pick was made before Buffalo traded out of this spot)
It seemed psychotic to myself to pass on Silayev and Parekh – especially Parekh – but the Sabres might be the only team in this draft not focused on their blueline with Power, Dahlin, and Byram in tow. I take a player that they can help develop into a great scoring winger down the line.
(Mike) – Pick 12 – Philadelphia Flyers – Anton Silayev (D)
Well, Silayev may have gone to Philly in our mock, but there’s absolutely no chance he falls that far on Friday.
(Robert) – Pick 13 – Minnesota Wild  – Zayne Parekh (D)
The Minnesota Wild would be thrilled if Zayne Parakh was still on the board for them at pick 13. Parekh is immensely talented and has the potential to be a point per game defensemen in the NHL if he is able to reach his potential. He and Brock Faber could be a deadly one-two punch for the Wild.
(Shane) – Pick 14 – Buffalo Sabres  – Cole Eiserman (F)
(This pick was made before San Jose traded out of this spot)
The Sharks already have the quality centers between Celebrini, Will Smith, and William Eklund. They can afford to take a player that will be able to run the powerplay and produce oh so many goals.
(Mike) – Pick 15 – Detroit Red Wings – Michael Brandsegg-Nygard (F)
I went back-and-forth between a few guys with this Detroit pick, but Brandsegg-Nygard stood out as offering an intriguing blend of size and skill that I feel Steve Yzerman will covet.
(Robert) – Pick 16 – St. Louis Blues – Carter Yakemchuk (D)
Carter Yakemchuk instantly becomes the best defense prospect in the Blues system. His mix of size, physicality, and high end skill make him an intriguing player.
(Shane) – Pick 17 – Washington Capitals – Igor Chernyshov (F)
If there is one franchise that I think has a tremendous track record developing Russian players, it’s the Washington Capitals. Chernyshov is a power forward and could learn a lot from players like Tom Wilson and Alexander Ovechkin.
(Mike) – Pick 18 – Chicago Blackhawks – Michael Hage (F)
I took Chicago Steel forward Michael Hage for the Chicago Blackhawks, feeling that he could very well slot in as their No. 2 centre behind Connor Bedard.
(Robert) – Pick 19 – Vegas Golden Knights – Jett Luchanko (F)
Jett Luchanko is a smart, two-way center whose game at the junior level could translate to the NHL. There have been comparisons to Nick Suzuki in Montreal, who Vegas drafted in 2017.
(Shane) – Pick 20 – New York Islanders – Adam Jiricek (D)
Why trade back to spots before the playoffs are even finished? My belief is the Islanders are comfortable with the all the defenceman that will be available at their draft slot and will take the best one on their list at that time.
(Mike) – Pick 21 – Los Angeles Kings – Marek Vanacker (F)
I went with Marek Vanacker, a skilled winger who scored in bunches on an otherwise underwhelming OHL Brantford team last year.
(Robert) – Pick 22 – Nashville Predators – Stian Solberg (D)
Historically, the Nashville Predators have shown they love drafting and developing defensemen and they’ve done a great job with it over the years. Solberg is one of the toughest players in this draft, and element that’s currently missing from the Predators blueline.
(Shane) – Pick 23 – Toronto Maple Leafs – EJ Emery (D)
Toronto’s prospect pool is in a state they almost can’t afford to pass up a defenceman. Emery has a mix of size and skill Brad Treliving will like.
(Mike) – Pick 24 – Colorado Avalanche – Cole Beaudoin (F)
I nabbed the best centre remaining in Beaudoin for the Avalanche.
(Robert) – Pick 25 – Boston Bruins – Trevor Connolly (F)
This is the ultimate risk reward selection. Connolly has top ten talent and bottom ten character. The Bruins need high end talent in their prospect system, which Connolly has. But the reason this pick works for them is because the Bruins have the culture and leadership in place that can help keep Connolly in check.
(Shane) – Pick 26 – Montreal Canadiens – Charlie Elick (D)
If they take Demidov early they can afford to go for a big defenceman from the WHL here. Elick would be allowed to take his time as Montreal navigates the development of their prospect pool.
(Mike) – Pick 27 – Carolina Hurricanes – Teddy Stiga (F)
Teddy Stiga is a very Hurricanes-y player, for Carolina. He has an incredible work ethic and is a buzzsaw on the ice. He will fit in perfectly in a Rod Brind’Amour system.
(Robert) – Pick 28 – Calgary Flames – Andrew Basha (F)
The Calgary kid is a talented center who projects to be a top nine forward in the NHL one day. The Flames add two high end centers (Basha and Helenius) to their prospect system. Something they desperately need.
(Shane) – Pick 29 – Dallas Stars – Nikita Artamonov (F)
I personally think Artamonov is worth a pick in the teens and that’s exactly why Dallas won’t pass on him. He is always in the right spot and never lets anyone outwork him. Fantastic player.
(Mike) – Pick 30 – New York Rangers – Sacha Boisvert (F)
I took a big swing on this pick for the New York Rangers. Boisvert is a sniper in the USHL and could turn into a top siz forward for the Rangers one day.
(Robert) – Pick 31 – Anaheim Ducks – Ryder Ritchie (F)
The Anaheim Ducks have a lot of high end talent up front with the likes of Leo Carlsson, Mason McTavish, Cutter Gauthier and Trevor Zegras. But they’re lacking a reliable, energetic winger that can play throughout the lineup. Ritchie has the potential to be that type of player for the Ducks.
(Shane) – Pick 32 – Philadelphia Flyers – Julius Miettinen (F)
Miettinen had no problem adjusting to the north American game after he came over to play in the WHL. His combination of size and skill is getting overlooked – once he got adjusted he only just got going.

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