Fan survey ranks Calgary Flames home jersey as the best in the league

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Auddie James
1 year ago
Who doesn’t love jersey news? Although it isn’t an announcement on this season’s Reverse Retro or third jersey, this is still some jersey news that Calgary Flames fans will surely be happy about.
Jack Fraser, also known as @JFreshHockey on Twitter, recently ran a survey asking for fans to rank the 32 NHL home jerseys from worst to best. The Flames finished first on that list, with a score of 7.6/10.
Previously, the team donned this set during its inaugural season in 1980, however the original look dates back to the franchise’s earliest days in Atlanta. The set was originally retired in 1994 when the club elected to change to what would now be known as the “pedestal” jersey design. Prior to returning as the primary kit, the Flames used the red retro sweater off and on in the 2010s before re-incarnating the jerseys ahead of the 2022-21 season, and fans were happy to see the change back to, as the club would call it, “full retro”.
Here is how the Flames finished in this survey amongst the rest of the Canadian NHL clubs.

Winnipeg Jets – ranked #21

Not enough to crack a middle of the pack spot, but just enough to keep them out of the basement as Jack explains in his tweet. I personally would have them ranked higher, however the general consensus among fans is that they aren’t fantastic, and earned them a 5.8/10 score in the rankings.

Vancouver Canucks – ranked #18

Removing the “Vancouver” wordmark above their logo on the jersey wasn’t enough for fans to see past just how bland these jerseys are. Although I enjoy the colour scheme that the Canucks use, their jerseys are mediocre, and were awarded a score of 5.9/10.

Toronto Maple Leafs – ranked #13

The Leafs jerseys are simple, but they’ve always been simple. I think it’s unfair to criticize Original Six teams too hard. People like the classics, and they don’t like when they venture too far off from the norm. Either way, the Leafs are awarded a score of 6.6/10.

Ottawa Senators – ranked #12

Well, at least they can say they have the best home jersey in Ontario, right? Personally, the switch to the 2D logo should’ve propelled them higher than 12, however I can understand why people might not think too highly of black home jerseys. The nation’s capital tallied a score of 6.7/10.

Edmonton Oilers – ranked #11

Okay, I know we all like to give our friends up the road a hard time. However, their return to royal blue as the primary colour of their home jersey was an absolute power move. Truthfully, I find this ranking too low. I’ve always loved the combination of blue and orange, and the Oilers do it perfectly with this one. They earned a score of 6.7/10.

Montreal Canadiens – ranked #3

I’ll admit that this one was a bit of a surprise to me. I didn’t expect this high of a ranking, but I love it. When you think of classic jerseys in the NHL, you immediately think of Montreal. They’ve stuck to the basics over the years, and it has always worked. They earned a total score of 7.4/10.
The Flames, without a doubt in my mind, have the absolute best jerseys in the league and it isn’t even a question. I’m just glad to see that through this survey, the average NHL fan seems to agree as well.

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