FlamesNation prospect update: (almost) playoff season

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Ryan Pike
3 years ago
Life in 2020/21 is weird, folks. Not only is there a worldwide pandemic – hope everyone is staying safe – but said pandemic has caused a lot of weird stuff to happen for hockey schedules. The OHL hasn’t played at all. The WHL is just getting started. The QMJHL is almost ready for their playoffs. It’s a weird, weird time to be alive.
Let’s check in on all the Flames’ prospects!

In case you missed it:

  • Last week’s update
  • Done for the season are Jake Boltmann (NCAA), Daniil Chechelev (MHL), Lucas Feuk (HockeyEttan), Demetrios Koumontzis (NCAA), Mitchell Mattson (NCAA), Josh Nodler (NCAA) and Filip Sveningsson (HockeyAllsvenskan)
  • Tyler Parsons and Yan Kuznetsov are quarantining so they can join Stockton
  • Ilya Solovyov has signed his entry level deal and is waiting on a visa so he can join Stockton (after quarantine)

Lucas Feuk- LW, AIK, Allsvenskan/J20 Nationell / Kalix HC, HockeyEttan

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Allsvenskan up to date141011112.33
Change from last weekn/a
HockeyEttan up to date1812618131713n/a
Change from last weekn/a
J20 up to date8281066319.78
Change from last weekn/a
Feuk’s draft+1 season is over, as Kalix HC were steamrolled by Bodens HF in the playoffs. (They lost by scores of 7-0 and 9-0.)

Ryan Francis- C, Cape Breton Eagles/Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2712273924291833.64
Change from last week3123333-1.29
Francis had a very Ryan Francis week. In two games, he had zero points. In the other game, he had three. Despite this offensive inconsistency, he’s one of the Q’s top producers. (Imagine if he could do it every game instead of in fits and starts.)

Glenn Gawdin- C, Stockton Heat, AHL / EHC Visp, Swiss League

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date18281095422.14
Change from last week4000000-6.33
Swiss League up to date2000000n/a
Change from last weekn/a
Gawdin had a challenging week offensively, but he played a ton and got chances.

Rory Kerins- C, Stockton Heat, AHL / Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, OHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date30000000.00
Change from last weekn/a
Kerins didn’t dress this past week. The OHL season remains delayed, so Kerins may end up staying with Stockton indefinitely.

Johannes Kinnvall- D, HV71, SHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date3271522812533.60
Change from last weekn/a
Kinnvall didn’t dress in HV71’s final game of the regular season and he also didn’t dress in their first play-out game against Brynas IF. Reportedly, he was experiencing issues with his previously-injured foot, but HV71 could just be being cautious.

Justin Kirkland- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1625734117.44
Change from last weekn/a
Kirkland missed this week’s games due to injury.

Carl-Johan Lerby- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1907734214.68
Change from last week3011111-0.26
Lerby got an assist and was scratched for the most recent Heat game. It seems like the Heat staff is trying to rotate their defensemen through, for the most part.

Connor Mackey- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2231114138825.36
Change from last week4033311+1.01
Mackey has seemingly found his stride offensively for the Heat. He continues to rack up points and find ways to stand out for the club.

Ilya Nikolayev- C, Buran Voronezh, VHL / Loko Yaroslavl, MHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
VHL up to date377613512511.27
Change from last weekn/a
MHL up to date218101817171418.27
Change from last weekn/a
Loko has advanced to the MHL’s semi-final round, where they have a 2-0 series lead. Nikolayev didn’t dress for Game 2 and it’s unclear if he was scratched injured. He dressed for Wednesday’s game on the fourth line.

Jakob Pelletier- LW, Val-d’Or Foreurs, QMJHL / Team Canada, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2813304326292035.75
Change from last week2213020-0.08
Pelletier finished off his regular season junior career this week. Val-d’Or’s going to be idle for a little while, as they have earned a bye in the first round of the QMJHL’s playoffs… and the QMJHL’s playoffs have been delayed for a couple weeks due to COVID-19 issues.

Emilio Pettersen- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date21561178520.87
Change from last week4101111-2.57
Pettersen had a goal this week but, like some of Stockton’s other top offensive weapons, he was relatively quiet otherwise.

Matthew Phillips- C/RW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date22610161012828.98
Change from last week4000000-6.44
Phillips was quiet offensively this week, but he was buzzing around the offensive zone like he usually does.

Luke Philp- C/RW, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2288161012828.98
Change from last week4101111-4.23
Philp had a goal against Toronto, but otherwise was held off the scoresheet all week.

Jeremie Poirier- D, Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date279233219251327.60
Change from last week3235252+1.40
Poirier had points in every single game that Saint John played this week. And all of his points were primary points, an indication that he’s feeling it offensively and playing with some confidence.

Colton Poolman- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1313434312.16
Change from last week1011010+2.20
Poolman missed the first three games this week due to injury, but returned for their final against Laval. They got the win (and he registered an assist on an empty net goal).

Martin Pospisil- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL / HC Kosice, Tipsport Liga

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date14561148331.31
Change from last weekn/a
Liga up to date2298179138n/a
Change from last weekn/a
Pospisil will miss the rest of the season due to shoulder surgery. (And an unrelated knee injury.)

Adam Ruzicka- C, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date221091912161134.42
Change from last week4202222+3.22
Ruzicka had two goals this week, including a big one in Tuesday’s win over Laval. He was even name-dropped by Elliotte Friedman in 31 Thoughts as a player the Flames may bring up. He’s arguably the club’s most NHL ready prospect who hasn’t played a second in the NHL, aside from perhaps Matthew Phillips.

Eetu Tuulola- RW, Stockton Heat, AHL / Vasterviks IK, HockeyAllsvenskan / SaiPa, SM-Liiga

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date212354219.06
Change from last week4101010-0.32
Allsvenskan up to date112244338.88
Change from last weekn/a
Liiga up to date40000000.00
Change from last weekn/a
Tuulola scored an empty net goal this week.

Alexander Yelesin- D, Stockton Heat, AHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date211455339.49
Change from last week4011111+0.11
Yelesin had just one assist this week. It’s worth noting that all of his scoring has been five-on-five.

Connor Zary- LW, Stockton Heat, AHL / Kamloops Blazers, WHL / Team Canada, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date934775531.00
Change from last weekn/a
WHL up to date525746334.67
Change from last week2123221-14.86
Zary had points in two of three games this week. In the third game, he had zero points but almost scored using “the Michigan.”

Dmitry Zavgorodniy- RW, Stockton Heat, AHL / SKA St. Petersburg, KHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
AHL up to date210111111.90
Change from last week3011111+1.90
KHL up to date603332232.88
Change from last weekn/a
Our long national nightmare is over, as Zavgorodniy finally has his first AHL point. It’s not like he wasn’t getting chances before, but Adam Ruzicka buried a feed from him on Tuesday to break the goose egg.

Dustin Wolf- G, Stockton Heat, AHL / Everett Silvertips, WHL / Team USA, WJC

AHL up to date31480.895
Change from last week
WHL up to date84840.961
Change from last week4240-0.030
Wolf got LIT UP (by his standards) this week, allowing eight goals over four games. He had given up one in his previous four games, which was clearly unsustainable. He’s still rocking a 1.12 goals against average and has played the majority of Everett’s games. Despite his numbers going from insanely good to merely very impressive, he’s arguably junior hockey’s best goalie. In all of Canada. Again.
Oh, and he got a primary assist on an empty net goal on Tuesday night. Watch out Mike Smith!

Artyom Zagidulin- G, Stockton Heat, AHL / Metallurg Magnitigorsk, KHL

AHL up to date63570.911
Change from last week159-0.001
KHL up to date52260.869
Change from last week
Zagidulin allow two goals in his lone start this week. He’s been a decent if unspectacular AHL netminder for Stockton, and thus far has really improved his save percentage over last year’s .898.

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