FlamesNation Top 20 prospects: #9 Andrew Mangiapane

In the sixth round of the 2015 draft, the Flames made up for a lack of early picks by selecting Andrew Mangiapane. The high scoring, albeit overaged and kind of short, forward has been an archetype of Brad Treliving’s late round drafting: high producers with some cosmetic flaws. In his first pro season, he raised eyebrows with a flashy 20-goal season.

Ranked number six last year, Mangiapane takes a slight tumble to number nine.

A brief history

Mangiapane has had to take the long route to get to where he is today, mostly due to being short. He was passed over in the OHL draft, instead sticking around for another year in Midget until the Barrie Colts came calling. During his first year, Mangiapane wasn’t necessarily thrust into the spotlight. In a middle six role, he managed 51 points in 68 games. Despite finishing fourth among Colts forwards in scoring, he wasn’t drafted. For comparison, teammate Brendan Lemieux was drafted, despite scoring just two points more.

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His second season with the Colts was explosive. He doubled his production, hitting 104 points in 68 games, and finished eighth in league scoring. That got scouts buzzing, but his overage status and his height still caused concerns. The forward was passed on until the Flames picked him up in the sixth round of the 2015 draft.

Topping his 2014-15 season was Mangiapane’s goal for the 2015-16 season. Certainly audacious, but something that he accomplished despite serving an eight-game suspension in the middle of the season. With 51 goals and 106 points, Mangiapane finished sixth league-wide in points and second in goals. Nothing but astounding stuff.

Despite his dominating performances in the OHL, the Flames took a patient approach to Mangiapane, storing him in the AHL for the whole 2016-17 season. Although he struggled at points during the year – once hitting a skid where he only scored three points in 18 games – Mangiapane finished the year with 20 goals (tied for seventh among rookies) and 41 points in 66 games. To bring the comparison full circle, Mangiapane scored one more goal this year than Lemieux scored points.


Calgary Flames development coach Ray Edwards praised Mangiapane’s adaptation to the AHL game as a rookie, noting his competitive nature helped him succeed.

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We knew he’d come in, and the coaches put him in a position for success, but when Andrew really blossomed was when he figured out how hard he had to complete and how hard he had to play over 200 feet. When he figured that out, he became a top player down there. His last half of the season, I saw him out-muscle six-foot-four defensemen for pucks and it wasn’t that he went in and ran them over, he just went first and he got the pucks first and he was competitive on the puck, he was competitive under sticks and he was able to steal pucks.

Stockton Heat head coach Ryan Huska pointed out two of Mangiapane’s attributes that helped him have success in 2016-17.

One, he loves being on the ice. If there’s one thing we think about Andrew is that he’s got a great attitude and he really enjoys being on the ice working on his game. He wants more. And the second thing we grew to love about him over the course of the year is the competitive side to his game. He really competes, and when you challenge him to compete harder or play harder you know you’re going to get it from him. And I think when he had some success early on offensively for us, I think it allowed him to believe that he can play and contribute right now and he just carried that on through the year.

The Toronto Star’s Scott Wheeler praised Mangiapane’s overall skill package as an offensive hockey player.

Andrew Mangiapane is just a fantastic hockey player. This has been true since his rookie season in Barrie, when he was skin and bones, and it’s true today, a year after an excellent rookie season in the AHL. Flames fans should be really excited about the skillset he brings. I truly believe his set of tools, even at 5’10, will translate well with the right centre at the NHL level. There is so, so much to like in Mangiapane’s game and it’s rare you find a player who is equal parts gifted as a passer and shooter, which allows him to make an impact in more than one way and adds a dynamic to his line that most can’t offer at his size.

What comes next?

Mangiapane certainly has the resume and the tools to make the team out of training camp.

But will he? That’s the major question. He’s an intriguing player, but there’s only a handful of spots (by rough count, one) and much in the way of competition. The Flames will have some prospects they consider more ready than Mangiapane at this moment, and they’ll likely be first in line. He is also a left-handed winger when the Flames need right-handed wingers. Just based on roster construction, Mangiapane will probably not be on the Flames to start the year. If he beats everyone out and makes it, I wouldn’t be surprised, but the odds are against it.

That’s not necessarily bad. Given that the Heat will likely be down one top player come October, Mangiapane will have a prime spot to himself. Looking at that roster right now, there’s no reason he shouldn’t finish as one of, or maybe the, top scorer(s) on the team. The future is bright for Mangiapane.


#20 – Ryan Lomberg #19 – Adam Ollas Mattsson
#18 – Daniel Pribyl #17 – Eetu Tuulola
#16 – Adam Ruzicka #15 – Emile Poirier
#14 – David Rittich #13 – Hunter Shinkaruk
#12 – Matthew Phillips #11 – Jon Gillies
#10 – Morgan Klimchuk

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  • Eggs Bennett

    The rapid shuffling in these prospect rankings year over year is really encouraging. It shows good drafting and proper development is taking place. Really excited for the future when we will need these skilled young and cheap guys to fill out the roster.

    Although I wonder, with only 8 spots left, I still had 9 good prospects in mind: Jankowski, Parsons, Foo, Kulak, Andersson, Valimaki, Kylington, Fox, and Dube. Wonder who didn’t make the list…

  • Off the wall

    I’ve always liked Magiapane.
    He needs some consistency in his game, but has the skills to become a NHLer if he plays the way he’s capable.

    Hopefully, next season we get to see more of our prospects making the club. With Stajan on his last season and possibly Brouwer gone, it will open up two more spots for the Flames.

    Really glad Treliving has put us in the position we are in, these late draft picks are exciting!

  • deantheraven

    Dang! every time I read one of these articles I find another “guy I hope steals a roster spot”..
    Tre better move somebody, because there are too many prospects who look ready, and not enough roster spots.

      • Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I would remain incredibly skeptical of the QoT/QoC metrics used in that graphic. It’s not an entirely bulletproof stat at the AHL level, given that it’s an estimated metric, and comparing it to league average seems extra dubious for the same reasons. If you look at prospect-stats’ data, everyone on Stockton has a QoC in the 13s. It’s not necessarily indicative of anything.

        That being said, Mangiapane’s defensive responsibilities certainly did increase from what he needed to do in Barrie and he’s taken major leaps to bring his defensive/two way game to NHL levels. I just don’t think there’s a stat (yet) that can accurately and honestly reflect that growth.

          • Not necessarily. In some regards, AHL shots and points data are really helpful tools for projecting future performances and trying to translate it to the NHL.

            But there is such a thing as bad data. Again, every forward player on the Stockton Heat has a QoC somewhere in the 13s. It’s a stretch to definitively conclude that Mangiapane was the guy seeing the hard matchups when you could make that case for anyone else. Without additional data like zone starts or QoC CF%, it’s hard to make a case based solely off of available data. It’s a flawed, non-contextualized stat.

            To answer the question, available AHL data is very useful when asking about Mangiapane’s offence. If you want to know about his defence, you’ll have to watch because there isn’t a stat that can truthfully or completely answer that question.

  • cjc

    The roster limit is 23 players, so I see space for at least 2 rookie forwards. There are 11 currently signed plus Bennett =12. Assuming they carry 7 defencemen and 2 goalies, that is only 21 players. They could also stash someone like F. Hamilton in the AHL with little fear of losing him. There is a small chance that one of three other players (Brouwer, Stajan, Lazar) could be buried if they do not perform.

    Hopefully it will be an honest competition for two spots out of camp, and if nobody impresses then Calgary will sign a FA forward. However, I think that Shinkaruk, Foo and Jankowski will get priority since they are older and the team needs to make a decision on them. Same could be said for Klimchuk, Poirier and Pribyl. Assuming that Dube plays in Stockton, Mangiapane will still be the youngest forward on the Heat roster.

  • Just.Visiting

    It would be great if he could put up big numbers with lots of minutes in all game situations this year. He might offer sufficient offence for a middle six role, where he could bring a well rounded 200 foot game after this year.

    In projecting out the roster, I think we’re approaching the point in the evolution of our prospect pool at which we might consider bundling some good solid prospects for a higher ceiling forward prospect.

  • Puckhead

    Mangiapane keeps the pick tight to his body, shields it well, and loves using his feet (I’m assuming it’s the Italian soccer gene in him).

    I love guys like Mangiapane and Klimchuk because they don’t give up and are a pain to play against. The Flames are setting up to have some pretty fun hockey players to watch in the next couple years.

    • Carl the tooth

      Hopefully poirier shinkaruk and lazar .have good seasons and we’re laughing . Klington put up a great secondyear and still was one of the youngest defenceman in ahl . Anderson had a great rookie season .mangiapne. Poirier. Jankowski. All allstar worthy ahl rookie seasons …. it’s a trend I’ve never seen before and me likey!! Lol

  • Byron Bader

    I am convinced mangiapane was injured at some point last year. Production doesn’t normally drop like that and then shoot right back up. Seems too odd. Certainly one of the best 3 forward prospects on the team and probably the best. He’s making the team this year at some point me thinks.

    • Squishin

      I’m not quite as optimistic as you are, considering the limited number of roster positions. I’m definitely pulling for the guy, though! If we have some injuries this year, we may yet see him.

          • Baalzamon

            Then why bother having a training camp at all? Unless all the “non-incumbents” are sent down immediately following the split squad match they have a chance at a roster spot. Which means Brouwer and Lazar have a chance to lose theirs.

          • TheoForever

            The prospect has to be better than the guy with the job, as in Brouwer, and even then it is not a given that the young player will get the job, reputation goes along way for better or worse.
            In case of Lazar, Tre isn’t sending him down to be scooped up on wavers, long term project like he put it, so at worse he is getting eased in into the lineup.
            There are 2 spots open since the team will carry 14 forwards. Once those 14 are set, they will take turns at the 12 spots on game roster, until somebody blows them away. Seems logical enough of an approach.
            So, most likely Jankowski will be in, that will leave a spot for one more, Flames seem to think that guy will be Foo, I’m hoping that Poirier, Klimchuk, Mangiapane step in and make it a fight. Ohh, I keep forgetting Shinkaruk.

          • Baalzamon

            The prospect has to be better than the guy with the job

            Then we agree…. Brouwer and Lazar are not guaranteed spots.

            In case of Lazar, Tre isn’t sending him down to be scooped up on wavers

            Why does Lazar’s waiver status have precedent over Shinkaruk and Poirier’s?

          • TheoForever

            I think they are both guaranteed to be in top 14, especially Brouwer. I would go as far as to say Brouwer is in the lineup on opening night at almost 100%. Lazar, on opening night is up in the air.
            To me losing any of the young guys on waver would suck, well I don’t think Shink can be an NHLer.
            Lazar is bigger name than the other two, and Tre made a lot of speeches about him, so it would be more of an egg on his face. We are still getting 2 rookies and they will play sooner or later.
            Unless, we sign Jagr and then we will only have 1 rookie.

          • TheoForever

            One more thing, I would go as far as to say that because of Stajan/Brouwer/Lazar we are in serious danger of loosing one of Poirier/Shinkaruk on waiver.

          • TheoForever

            I’m just going by what was said by Tre/Conny.
            I don’t believe that Brouwer and his huge salary would be buried in AHL, Murray would have a fit, that’s a nonstarter. As for Lazar, perhaps you are right about it, I still doubt it. So, who do you expect to make the club out of the young guys?

          • Carl the tooth

            Lazar would have to clear waivers I believe to be sent Down to AHL .so unless he plays himself into the press box ,he’s playing opening day . They didn’t protect him from Vegas to lose him to wAivers . Lazar is gonna have a career year . I suppose it’s Hathaway /Fred Hamilton as alternates? Foo? Brouwer ? Jankowski? Flames must be top 5 in depth and options. Flames could lose half there roster to injuries and I bet they could still put a Winning team on the ice.

      • TheoForever

        There was always a strong contingents in favor of signing Jagr, probably majority. So, I got no idea where you are getting it. Personally, I’m against it and want to see the young guys given a chance.

        • Carl the tooth

          we don’t need to sign anyone we have lots of prospects ready . Perfect opportunity to get these guys some games and we are very likely to get some surprises this yeAr . Foo. Jankowski. Shinkaruk. Lazar klimchuck mangiapane,poirier .

      • oilcanboyd

        Still AGAINST it! Every team needs vacant spots so that their top prospects can compete for a roster spot or spots. Filling all available spots, then why have a training camp?

        • cberg

          Look, I am mixed on Jagr. On the one hand if Jagr at 45 is better than half your forwards and you have an opportunity to get him for 1 year, you should do it, especially in a “go-for-it” year. At the same time, prospects need opportunities, REAL opportunities. If management is ready and willing to drop non-performers to the AHL or for low round picks, even if they are vets then it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately this isn’t usually the case, and vets have some residual reputation value so prospects either have to really outperform them or be targeted for success by the organization to the point where they have to lose that high esteem.

          As far as Shinkaruk, Poirier, Foo, Mangiapanne, Jankowski, Lazar and Klimchuk go…. there likely will not be space for all of them. Lazar has a job unless he loses it, Poirier and Shinkaruk’s time is NOW, while Jankowski, Mangiapanne, Klimchuk and Foo could go back to the AHL and kill it. If Shinkaruk doesn’t make it this year, which is likely he’ll either get traded or sent down and if we lose him we lose him. Personally I’d rather protect Poirier as I believe he’s the better player with more potential for the team long-term.

    • HOCKEY83

      On the Fan he said the rumor was that the organization had spoken among themselves about it but not to jagr specifically and then went on to say 30 other teams have probably also spoken about it at some point. Not much of a rumor.

        • The Fall

          Two 100 point seasons in the OHL and a 20 goal season in the AHL… and Foo is going to be ranked higher after one breakout season in college?!

          Recency Bias is alive and well.

          • The Fall

            99% of the best players in the league were drafted — just looking at the numbers.

            I hold out a ton of hope for Foo, but there’s very little to go one. Other players have done more at younger ages.

          • piscera.infada

            He’s speaking to this list. And I tend to agree. Mangiapane has played one full year of pro, had a good season there, and had good production at the junior level. I’m not sure why someone with one great season, and no professional experience is ahead of him. But I’d also argue that Valimaki will be too high on this list for similar reasons.

            Not that I don’t like Foo (to say nothing of Valimaki–I love the prospect), but I guess I just factor production at higher levels (not to mention a longer track-record of production) as more indicative of how close these players are to their actual ceiling.

          • TheoForever

            Foo could be great, then again he may not. Mangiapane has done more then Foo at this point.
            It will be very interesting how things unfold in the training camp. For some reason I believe that Flames want to fast track Foo and have Mangiapane penciled in for one more year in AHL.

          • piscera.infada


            I guess my argument was that both should (and probably will) start the season in the A’. I know Conroy was going on and on about Foo playing in the NHL this season, but I simply don’t see it–and the Flames broad track-record with these types of players (undrafted NCAA signees) points to that. I don’t know, perhaps he surprises everyone in camp. But generally, when listening to what Conroy says, it’s usually best to take it with the smallest grain of salt possible (not kosher, not sea, not pickling, certainly not rock, but the finest table salt one can find).

  • Atomic Clown

    I fully expect Mangiapane to breeze through the AHL this year. Consecutive 100+ points in the OHL, and then a 40+ point season in your first year in the AHL is not easy, especially if you’re small. There is an abundance of skill, and if he is given good minutes and competent teammates, I fully expect a 50+ point season

  • everton fc

    Jankowski makes this team. So does Lazar. And Brouwer, unless you move him w/a decent prospect to clear him off the roster. Vegas is the only team I can think of that might be “willing”, but highly unlikely. Foo, to me, is probably the other player the organization may give a shot out of camp. But he’ll have to earn it. And w/Lazar and Brouwer on RW, unless Bennett moves to LW, Jankowski centres, then Versteeg’s on RW… Where does Foo fit?

    Hathaway, Hamilton, Klimchuk and Lomberg fit the 4th line mucker role more than Mangiapane, Pribyl, Poirier, Foo, even Shinkaruk. Shinkaruk’s role in the league may be as a 4th line mucker w/hands. One of Hathaway/Hamilton gets the final spot after Jankowski, w/Klimchuk and Lomberg in the running.

    Unless we can move Brouwer….

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      I agree with most of this. However, I am a little leery of what they promised Foo. I think he jumps the que at some point. If he goes right to the AHL and plays an entire season down there then he could have done that with the other teams wanting his services. Edmonton’s RW depth is not great so why Calgary (needs no response since the answer is obvious). Calgary must have promised an extended stay.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    I am not sure how much I trust the posted measurements since they vary dramatically. For instance, Johnny ranges from 5’6″ to 5′ 9″. So assuming Mangi is 5’10” ish with a thick lower body he seems like he is trending towards Crosby’s size which is just fine. I am a lot less Leary of skilled sub 6’0″ players than I was 5 years ago. In fact, I am far more hesitant to take a flyer on a 6’5″ truculent power forward that needs to work on their skating….like we have been known to do in the past.

    • Off the wall

      So true Jumping Jack. I’ve stood beside hockey players listed at 5’9 and been face to face with them. I’m 5’8 on a tall day, so inaccuracy does occur.
      It’s like the fishing story…hyperboles galore.

      Who really cares whether Mangiapane is 5″10 or 6 feet tall?
      When you have a skill set like he does, the intangibles are out the door.
      Bigger concerns are the Brouwers of the league who have size and weight but are inefficient at both!

      • Stockton's Finest

        Bring in Stockton, I have stood next to Mangiapane. He is more like 5’7″ or 5’8″ tops. But he is fast. He was on Janko’s line with Hathaway or Shink. Another year down here may serve him well. #GoHeatGo.

          • Off the wall

            Stockton’s finest, not to put you on the spot, but how would you rate our prospects in terms of readiness from what you’ve seen?

            I only watch highlights of their games, it would be nice to get a different perspective on this!

          • Off the wall

            I may be just talking to myself at the moment, however I realized how nice this whole blog was (comments and all) without irritating trolls taking up space.

            I don’t include 97 Train as he at least adds some input without being a jerk.

            Is a pleasant day, yes?

          • Stockton's Finest

            Hey Off the Wall! From where I sit, the Heat had a good year. Not great, but good. They had to rely on a 9 out of 10 point trip to Texas to solidly the 4th place playoff spot. At times they looked unbeatable. At times, they made me pull out my hair. They tend to overpass, they don’t like the one-time, and look a little disorganized at times. Gullies tends to let in a soft goal every game, but then stands on his head. I think Riddich is a little better between the pipes, but that is just me. Glad Vey and Bollig are gone. Looking forward to seeing Foo. Defencely they are solid.

            The future is bright in Calgary, which is why me and Mrs. Finest need to come up there for a game. Sporting our Heat jerseys of course. I am looking forward to another season here, and know whomever is sent down will help us to the Calder Cup.

          • Off the wall

            @ Stocktons Finest.
            Nice synopsis, thanks for the reply. I’m really hoping for a better year from Gillies.

            We would love to have you and the Mrs among our loyal fan base enjoying a game with us in your Heat apparel.

            Cheers mate!

          • TheoForever

            Hey Puckhead, I discovered that I like to take shots at trolls with facts and humor, now that they are gone I don’t miss them. 🙂
            Now, with my spare time I just covered fiberglass bathtub with fiberglass cloth and Bondo Raisin.

          • Puckhead

            Theo, don’t most people just buy a new tub? It’s one thing to patch up an old canoe but a bathtub is ambitious. At the end of the day if you airbrush some ? on it I’m sure it will look great. The ladies will think it looks hot!

          • TheoForever

            It is a little more complicated. 60″ tub into 58″ space, so I would have to rip the tiles and pretty much and redo everything. Even if I do it myself that’s about $1500. If I hire somebody it will be $4k. I got 4 bathrooms and 2 have fiberglass, so I’m looking at a lot of money.
            The fix: drilled holes in tab and filled with 2 cans of 1″ expending foam, plugged holes with JB waterweld, got a deal on Bondo and cloth. Still have to buy primer/paint.
            So, 2 bathtubs for under $80, plus paint. If I don’t like the look, I will buy adhesive mats for both and you will never be able to tell that it is not factory. 🙂

  • Puckhead

    I can’t wait for some of these guys to graduate to the NHL. It’s akin to wearing underwear too long – it’s time for a fresh change.

    Out with the crap as WW would put it.

    • Stockton's Finest

      @Puckhead…I am about 90 minutes away from SJ. I occasionally catch a Sharks game, but with Season tickets in Stockton, and most games on weekends, it has been a few years since I have been to the tank. Catching a Golden Knights game this year, as I frequent Vegas about 4 or 5 times a year. And looking at when we can get to Calgary to see Jankowski and the Flames play.
      @Off the Wall, one thing I forgot to add to my last post. All of the players mentioned so far that have been through Stockton all will round out. Lomberg is scrappy and plays with a lot of heart. He gets under the opponents skin. Didn’t realize at the time Poirier’s condition, but at times in the first half of the season he looked lost. Shink and Hathaway hustle. I think Wotherspoon has a bomb of a shot but he never pulls the trigger. Hunter Smith needs a lot of work. Austin Carroll will be good: he just needs more ice time. Kilington reminds me of Ollie Maata from the Pens. Fast, good offense, but defence needs a little work. Anderson is solid.

      Can’t wait to see this year’s team. I will continue to update as the season goes along.

      Oh, one last thing. No Canadian beer sold in Stockton. I keep lobbying for it, but so far….nothing.

      • Off the wall

        Thanks Stockton’s Finest!

        I’m going to subscribe to some of the the Heats games. Really excited about the prospect pool and looking forward to seeing them in action, albeit from my computer.

        Nice to have your input, keep up the good work!

        Cheers and hope the beer lobbying works out..

  • Burnward

    Sorry for this…but came across this amazing paragraph in a Barstool article by some dude named Jordie and had to share. He was writing about the Flames and Jagr and dropped this:

    “So now you look at what the Calgary Flames have done this offseason. They brought in Mike Smith in net. They signed highly touted college UFA Spencer Foo from Union. They made the trade with the Islanders to bring in Travis Hamonic on the blueline. And now they’re about to sign Jaromir Jagr. Gaudreau, Monahan, Tkachuk, Bennett, Foo, Jagr, Lazar (if he pans out). That’s a forward lineup that f#@ks And they f#@k heavy.”