Photo Credit: Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images/Creative Commons

Watch: Jarome Iginla talks big career moments on After Hours

Jarome Iginla, a man who needs no introduction, sat down tonight with a rare intermission edition of After Hours (Inter Hours?) to talk about his big career moments, spanning from his early tryouts to his Olympic appearances. Plus, a bonus mini-edition with Mike Vernon during the second intermission.

First off, his immediate reaction to the retirement ceremony:

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On his trademark humility:

The interesting story of Iggy’s first Flames jersey- an impromptu purchase so he had one to wear during one of his first hockey tryouts:

Another story of a first tryout, this one being his 2002 Olympics invite:

More Olympics content, focusing on his invaluable contribution to one of hockey’s most iconic goals:

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Another breakdown of an iconic Iggy moment- the Shift:

The one viewer question of the night was a toughie, asking Iginla about how he feels about the absence of a Stanley Cup in his career:

To wrap things up, they closed with Iginla’s charity work and general goodness in the community:

A bonus clip for you! Mike Vernon stopped by during the second intermission to briefly discuss his times playing with and against Iggy and number 12’s importance to the organization:

Part two: