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FlamesNation Prospect Update: Black aces

The Flames have two games left on the schedule, which means it’s time for a brief rest for many of the players who helped get them this far. That means you’re probably going to become a bit more familiar with some Stockton Heat players.

In case you missed it:

Dillon Dube – F, Stockton Heat, AHL

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 37 15 24 39 23 28 17 42.01
Change from last week 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 -2.4

Has gone unusually quiet since his dominant week nearly a month ago. He’s 100% coming up, though, and not just for show.

Zach Fischer – RW, Rapid City Rush, ECHL

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 38 6 9 15 12 9 7 7.22
Change from last week 3 1 3 4 4 1 1 +1.84

Put on a show this week, picking up a goal and three assists in three games for Rapid City. His final two games of the year will come against his former teammates, the Kansas City Mavericks.

Spencer Foo – RW, Stockton Heat

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 62 16 20 36 22 27 15 23.14
Change from last week 2 1 1 2 1 2 1 +0.56

A solid effort from Foo this week. He’ll probably be one of the black ace call-ups, especially after what happened to Sam Bennett against the Kings.

Glenn Gawdin – C/RW, Stockton Heat

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 59 11 22 33 12 23 8 22.29
Change from last week 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 -0.08

Just an assist for Gawdin this week. I don’t think he’ll come up, unless the Flames get very creative with their emergency recalls justifications.

Josh Healey – D, Stockton Heat

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 51 1 8 9 7 4 4 7.03
Change from last week 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 -0.29

Just played in two games this week. Given that the Flames already have 10 defenders on their roster, it’s unlikely they call up any more defencemen.

D’Artagnan Joly – RW/C, Rimouski Oceanic

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1
Playoffs 4 1 2 3 2 2 1

The Oceanic swept Chicoutimi, and will face off against the winner of the Halifax Moosehead-Quebec Remparts series, currently tied 3-3. Joly picked up two assists to help seal the victory in the 6-3 Game 4 win.

Pavel Karnaukhov – LW/C, CSKA Moscow, KHL

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1
Playoffs 7 2 0 2 2 2 2

Karnaukhov and CSKA are facing off against SKA St. Petersburgh for the rights to go to the Gagarin Cup, with the series currently tied 1-1. Karnaukhov picked up his second goal of the postseason, CSKA’s lone goal in a 2-1 OT defeat in Game 2.

Demetrious Koumontzis – LW, Arizona State University, NCAA (Independent)

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 35 4 16 20 10 16 8 17.76
Change from last week 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 -0.52

ASU’s miracle season came to an anticlimactic end in the first round of the NCAA tournament, falling 2-1 to Quinnipiac. Koumontzis’ strong freshman season is already over, but there’s plenty to look forward to for his sophomore year. As he is still in college, he can’t sign a contract of any sort (including tryout contracts) with the Flames, so don’t expect to see him in Stockton.

Linus Lindstrom – C/LW, Skelleftea AIK, SHL

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1
Playoffs 5 0 0 0 0 0 0

Skelleftea is down 3-2 to Djurgardens in the first round. Lindstrom has suited up for all five games, but hasn’t done much in them.

Ryan Lomberg – LW, Stockton Heat

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 53 10 13 23 18 16 10 17.29
Change from last week 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 -0.68

No points for Lomberg this week after a few steady weeks where he usually picked up an assist or two for Stockton. I might put him as a likely black ace, especially given that the Oilers are coming up soon.

Adam Ollas Mattsson – D, Stockton Heat

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 61 6 12 18 12 9 6 11.76
Change from last week 2 1 0 1 1 1 1 +0.28

Picked up his first goal in a long time.

Andrew Nielsen – D, Stockton Heat

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 32 0 7 7 4 3 2 8.72
Change from last week

Was absent again this week.

Mathias Emilio Pettersen – C/LW, Denver Pioneers, NCAA (NCHC)

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 40 6 24 30 18 19 11 27
Change from last week 2 0 1 1 1 1 1 -0.47

Denver has advanced all the way to the Frozen Four, beating Ohio State and American International College in the process. Pettersen picked up an assist in the first game, but left the second with an injury and did not return. His status is unknown for the Frozen Four, though there’s over a week until puck drop. Denver will face Massachusetts next game, with a chance to square off with either Providence or Minnesota-Duluth for the title.

Matthew Phillips – RW, Stockton Heat

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 60 13 22 35 24 29 22 23.24
Change from last week 2 1 2 3 2 3 2 +1.26

Stepped up big this week, picking up three points to help secure two Stockton victories. I don’t think the Flames will call up Phillips, but it would be fun to see it happen.

Brett Pollock – LW/C, Stockton Heat

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 49 3 9 12 8 8 5 9.76
Change from last week

Didn’t play this week.

Martin Pospisil – C/LW, Sioux City Musketeers, USHL

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 41 15 42 57 27 41 19 31.92
Change from last week 3 1 5 6 2 4 1 +1.11

Another great week for Pospisil, who had two separate three-point games this week. Two weeks left in his regular season.

Milos Roman – C, Vancouver Giants, WHL

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1
Playoffs 6 1 2 3 0 3 0

Vancouver has advanced to the second round of the playoffs, defeating Seattle 4-2, and will face another regional rival in the Victoria Royals. Roman’s production was unfortunately only limited to the powerplay. Hopefully his second round is a bit better.

Adam Ruzicka – C/LW, Sudbury Wolves, OHL

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1
Playoffs 4 0 4 4 2 2 1

The Wolves easily swept the Mississauga Steelheads, and will face off against the Ottawa 67s in the second round. Ruzicka was moderately productive in the first round, but not the goal scoring dynamo he turned himself into in the run up to the playoffs.

Filip Sveningsson – LW, IK Oskarshamn, Allsvenskan

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1
Playoffs 8 0 1 1 0 1 0

Oskarshamn currently trails Timra 2-1 in their SHL qualification series. Sveningsson only has an assist to his name these playoffs.

Eetu Tuulola – RW, HPK, SM-Liiga

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1
Playoffs 5 1 1 2 1 1 0

HPK quickly dismantled TPS, winning their series 4-1. Tuulola and HPK will face Tappara in the semifinals next. Only an assist this week for our philosophical Finn.

Rinat Valiev – D, Stockton Heat

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 52 3 17 20 11 14 8 15.33
Change from last week 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 -0.61

No points for Valiev this week.

Juuso Valimaki – D, Stockton Heat- X

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1 NHLe
Up to date 20 4 10 14 8 5 4 27.89
Change from last week 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 +0.62

Back in Calgary. Picked up a goal in what might’ve been his last game for Stockton.

Dmitri Zavgorodniy – C/LW, Rimouski Oceanic, QMJHL

GP G A P 5v5 P P1 5v5 P1
Playoffs 4 4 1 5 3 4 2

A great week for Zavgorodniy: a contract and a hat trick that sent Rimouski to the second round.

Jon Gillies – G, Stockton Heat

Up to date 40 2411 0.887
Change from last week 1 50 +0.002

Stopped 34 of 35 (0.971) in his one game this week. He’s been better as the year has gone on, but it does feel too little, too late.

Mason McDonald – G, Kansas City Mavericks

Up to date 34 1926 0.914
Change from last week 2 120 -0.001

Stopped 33 of 35 (0.942) and 26 of 31 (0.839) this week. Kansas City’s final week of the season is this week, too.

Tyler Parsons – G, Stockton Heat

Up to date 16 847 0.896
Change from last week 1 64 +0.005

Finally got back into game action, stopping 36 of 39 (0.923) in a dramatic shootout win for Stockton. Wonder why Stockton felt that they didn’t need to use that earlier in the season.

Nick Schneider – G, Kansas City Mavericks

ECHL Up to date 20 1199 0.890
Change from last week 2 120 +0.002
AHL Up to date 11 220 0.922
Change from last week

A so-so week for Schneider. Started with a 30 of 32 (0.938) performance, but finished with a 26 of 30 (0.867).

  • cjc

    Martin Pospisil is intriguing. On the one hand, if you’re playing your 19 year old season in the USHL, your chances of making the NHL as a regular are slim. On the other he’s putting up the 10th best 19 year old USHL season ever:


    There are a handful of players fitting his profile that have gone on to be useful NHL players. (e.g. Craig Smith, Blake Coleman, Teddy Purcell, Anders Lee, Alex Iafallo). One thing those guys have in common though is that they move on to decent college hockey programs. Pospisil is committed to St. Lawrence, which hasn’t produced a tonne of great NHL players, unless you count Brandon Bollig.

      • Baalzamon

        Which is interesting to me, because usually just-drafted players aren’t hot trade commodities unless they’re absolutely tearing it up in a difficult league (think Adam Fox a couple years ago). Even Andersson’s name took a year or so to come up in trade chatter.

        Pops had a good year, don’t get me wrong, but not that good.

      • cjc

        Define highly sought after though. Were GMs offering roster players? 2nd or 3rd round picks (Pospisil was a 4th rounder). Or did his name come up often in package trades? If he was highly sought after it may just point to a persistent blind spot that GMs have – they think they need a player with a mean streak on their team (and a lot of Pospisil’s PIMs come from being ejected – is that really what a team needs?).

        Regardless, my point is that dominating the USHL as a 19 year old is not uncommon, though Pospisil is undoubtedly the best 19 year old in that league this year. The NHLe values above don’t take into account age, unless I am mistaken.

  • Harley Hotchkiss’s Ghost

    I wonder how much Top Prospect Bobby Brink is helping Martin Pospisil’s numbers? It would be interesting to see a comparative side by side of the two or vice versa, WOWY Style. Pospisil is a good prospect, but I kind of wonder if he is this legit or not.

    • Bring Back Brathwaite

      At a glance, it seems that Brink was much more quiet during MP’s 12 game suspension which is a good sign for MP. Since his return and this tear the two of them have been on, they’ve relied on each other quite a bit.
      Some draft lists have brink as a top 10, but others have him outside the first round. Eeli Tolvanen played on the same team during his draft year and fell all the way to 30, it would be very interesting to see where Brink goes and if there is a small chance he is available when the flames pick… at 31.

  • JeraldinChapparal

    I would love to see an analysis of all the 10 defencemen on the Flames roster. My eyes say Gio – Anderson and Brodie – Valimaki, but I’m curious what the numbers say.

  • 31 Thoughts With Morgan Freeman

    Off topic, but tonight could go a long way to clarifying playoff seeding with potential impacts on the Flames. A Boston loss assures Calgary home ice through the finals unless a Lightning-Flames rematch from 2004 is in the cards. Who knows if we get that far, but you might as well aim high.
    If the Stars come away with one more point than the Avalanche tonight, Calgary avoids a first-round faceoff with Dallas. Edmonton could do us a big favor by beating Colorado, but what are the odds of that?
    A Colorado loss and an Arizona win puts the Coyotes in the final wild card spot for a chance to dance with the Western Conference Champs; at least temporarily. Fun times thinking about how things might play out!

    • EddyBeers

      Off topic, but another shrewd move by Treliving. Thankfully the Flames divested themselves of Adam Fox. Seems like an entitled troublemaker. Man the Flames won that trade!

      • 31 Thoughts With Morgan Freeman

        I don’t begrudge Fox for using the leverage he has. He’s playing within the CBA rules and I think that’s fair. I do agree that Treliving made a great decision to trade away Fox with the knowledge that he was non-commital to Flames organization.

        • Why wouldn’t you begrudge him? Sure he can do it and he will likely but it usually doesn’t end well for those who do this usually. The fans in every city will be hard on him (especially Calgary and Carolina) so if he doesn’t turn into a star he will never live this down. It is entitled and juvenile. Remember Erixon? Even superstars picked 1-10 going to crap teams go. True they have less leverage but still. Carolina or Calgary can hardly be considered terrible places to play. Whatever, he may be a good player but he better know what he is doing. At least he will have a Harvard degree.

          • 31 Thoughts With Morgan Freeman

            I’m not saying it is the best decision for his career, and yes he’ll have to live with the consequences, but it is his decision to make. He’s not the first player to take this path and he won’t be the last unless the players union and NHL agree to remove this loophole. He’s using the rules and his leverage to his advantage. Do you begrudge Treliving for using his leverage on players to keep them at a cap friendly hit that fits the interests of the team? If not, then you can’t be a hypocrite about calling Fox out. That’s one of the risks you take when you draft a college player. I give full marks to Treliving for divesting of Fox while he still had value and getting a good return in the process. He recognized that Fox was not committing and traded the risk to Carolina. Players like Fox aren’t sure bets and he could be a dud as easily as a star. Fox is gambling on himself and it’ll be interesting to see if it pays off for him. If he turns out to be a career AHLer then he’ll look pretty foolish like Erixon did, but that’s his journey to take if he so decides.

          • Won’t let me reply to you directly but… I suppose that is fair. I falsely read that you were considering it a good move for Fox. You are right it is his choice to make. I think he is an idiot for doing it but he has every right to be an idiot 🙂

  • Stockton's Finest

    So just got back from the Heat Season Ticket Holder BBQ with the team. Interesting that Jon Gillies was not there. With Parsons getting the last start, could he still be in Southern California to join the Flames as a 3rd goalie for the playoffs? He could be with them and added to the roster tomorrow to avoid the NHL wage and salary cap issues.
    BTW, Lazar was at the event. He won the Heat MVP as voted on by the players. My guess he joins the Flames as soon as the Heat season is over next Sunday or after the Manitoba trip this weekend. Get in as many games as possible before playoffs starts.