Betway Bets of the Day: Calgary Flames vs. Chicago Blackhawks

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Shane Stevenson
1 year ago
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Get informed

Can I copy and paste all the things I said about the Ducks being bad and use it for the Blackhawks. There are really four teams trying to be the worst right now, Anaheim, Columbus, San Jose, and Chicago. If the Blackhawks came out and lost big I would not be shocked. If they came out and it was close I’d be semi-stunned. If Chicago wins – it’s another microcosm of the Flames season that needs explored – let’s just predict it’s going to be a Flames win for sanity sake in southern Alberta.

Primary bet

Over 6.5 total goals and Tyler Toffoli to get 1+ points for +125. A $1 bet pays out $2.25. Nobody is scoring more than Toffoli as he’s Calgary’s number one premier offensive weapon as everyone certainly predicted before the start of the season. Blackhawks can’t stop anything but getting to 7 goals will be a little tough – I have faith the Flames pull through

Secondary bet

Petr Mrazek over 33.5 saves for -118. A $1 bet pays out $1.85. The Flames are going to throw – by my guessing – 45-50 shots that actually hit the net in this one. In that case for Mrazek to lose this then the Flames would need 12 goals to which I would not be upset about either. I’m quite confident in this one to play.

Tertiary bet

Rasmus Andersson to get 2+ points for +250. A $1 bet pays out $3.50. It’s my big bet of the day – normally I only bet on single point outcomes strictly because the hit more – but every now and then I like a big bet. Andersson sits at 49 points and is a massive candidate to get secondary assists on rush goals. Not a bad choice in my mind.

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