Betway Bets of the Day: Calgary Flames vs. Minnesota Wild

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Shane Stevenson
1 year ago
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Believe it or not a couple weeks ago Minnesota was the closest possible team for the Flames to catch for a playoff spot – now that team is the Jets because the Wild have been on an extended run of wins (7-1-2 in their last 10). They aren’t a particularly offensive group, although Kirill Kaprizov has shown game-breaking ability. Minnesota is also trying to integrate Johansson, Sundqvist, Nyquist, and Klingberg into the lineup getting them from the deadline – Nyquist once he’s healthy. Bottom line to this one is  expect strong defensive efforts from both sides – the team with the strongest goaltending will probably win.

Primary Bet – Filip Gustavsson and Jacob Markstrom both to get 26+ saves (+200)

A $1 bet pays out $3. See this doesn’t have anything to do with goals allowed, while both teams are strong defensively betting on saves seems the smartest thing to do. Odds-wise mixed with number of saves this came out best value – more than likely because it’s two things needing to occur rather than a single event. I like this one so much I upgraded it to primary bet from tertiary. These are only possible if starting netminders are named well in advance of gametime – something the NHL should do regularly.

Secondary Bet – Total shots on goal 60.5 OVER (-118)

A $1 bet pays out $1.85. I mean if both goaltenders are going to make 26 saves a piece then that leaves us needing an extra 8 shots to get a hit here. If power plays become a factor in this game both teams will benefit. At least on this one they could be over 60.5 with one goalie at 25 saves and you’d still get money back.

Tertiary Bet – Highest scoring period THIRD (+200)

A $1 bet pays out $3. I’ve never picked this before but with how both teams match up i feel the emphasis for puck pressure will come in a close game in the third. Now that’s how the script of what should happen reads – but even if either team blows their lead that’s most likely to happen in the third. Risky business, but that’s why its the 3rd bet instead of the first.

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