Jamie McLennan helped the Calgary Flames contact Miikka Kiprusoff to arrange his jersey retirement

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Ryan Pike
9 months ago
Since Miikka Kiprusoff retired from hockey in 2013, the common joke has been that he’s been off ice-fishing in the remote parts of Finland. Well, the best jokes are part-true, because Kiprusoff has built a well-earned reputation of being hard to get in contact with.
So when the Calgary Flames wanted to retire Miikka Kiprusoff’s jersey number, they had to get Kiprusoff’s pal and former backup Jamie McLennan to help get in contact with the Finn.
McLennan and Kiprusoff go way back. They were only a goaltending tandem for parts of two seasons (2003-04 and 2006-07), but that cemented their bond to the point where McLennan can get a hold of him.
Well, sometimes. Kiprusoff is still notoriously private, and often ignores (or “flushes”) phone calls.
Speaking with Andy Strickland and Cam Janssen on the Cam and Strick Podcast, McLennan explained his involvement in helping set up Kiprusoff’s jersey retirement festivities.
Here’s McLennan:
“When Calgary was going to retire his number, I get a call from the Flames management and they’re saying ‘We need to get a hold of Kipper. We know that he flushes people.’ So I text him and I’m like ‘dude, I’m calling you tomorrow, I need to you answer the phone.’ And of course, flush flush, I call him the next day, he doesn’t answer. And then I write him another text, I’m like ‘I’m calling you tomorrow,’ this is after that, ‘You need to answer.’ And so he answers, he’s like ‘What’s up Noodla?’ And I’m like, ‘Hey, the Flames need to get a hold of you, you can’t flush the call, sounds like it’s something really cool and special.’ And he starts laughing. He goes, ‘Maybe I’ll flush them for a month.'”
(Spoiler: He did not “flush” them for a month.)
The Flames will retire Kiprusoff’s #34 on March 2 prior to their home date with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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