Which 2023 NHL Draft prospects do the major rankings have at 16th overall?

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Ryan Pike
1 year ago
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The 2023 NHL Draft is nearly upon us, with the first round unfolding on Wednesday evening in Nashville. The Calgary Flames enter the event with the 16th overall selection in the first round and fans are abuzz with speculation regarding what player the Flames could land with that pick.
With that in mind, here’s a brief tour of the major public draft rankings and what players each has ranked at 16th overall. (This might not tell us which is the most likely for the Flames to select, but primarily which player each ranking believes is the 16th-best by their particular ranking parameters.)

F Matthew Wood, University of Connecticut (NCAA)

Ranked 16th by Elite Prospects
A brief rundown, via Elite Prospects:
“His wrist shot looks much better than at the start of the season. He keeps distance between his feet and his hands in front, really pulling that top arm back and moving it across his body to shoot through opponents. Can shoot off either foot and even in motion (off the inside leg). In moments, he shows chaining ability, whether that was receiving a pass, fighting off pressure, and passing for an assist or toe-dragging around a stick inside the pass reception before cutting inside for the shot.”

D Mikhail Gulyayev, Omskie Yastreby (MHL)

Ranked 16th by FC Hockey and Smaht Scouting
A brief rundown, via Elite Prospects:
“Man, can Mikhail Gulyayev fly out there. You give him an inch, and he’s sprinted a mile past you with about as effortless and clean a stride as you’ve ever seen. It’s the defining characteristic of his game; the foundation on which every other part rests. Every bit as comfortable a defensive skater, Gulyayev gaps up early, often attacks puck carriers on an arc, and always takes away the middle of the ice with his stick.”

D David Reinbacher, Kloten (NL)

Ranked 16th by McKeen’s and Dobber Prospects
A brief rundown, via Elite Prospects:
“His game rests on a projectable, rock solid defensive foundation. As opponents attack through the neutral zone, he gaps up early, builds speed going backward to match that of the puck carrier, takes away the middle of the ice with his stick, and closes with force once he’s registered support.”

F Otto Stenberg, Frolunda HC (J20 Nationell)

Ranked 16th by Sam Cosentino
A brief rundown, via Elite Prospects:
“A dextrous, creative hip-pocket handler with soft touch, Stenberg regularly broke down and dangled past opponents in space, never shying away from an opportunity to put a defender in the spin cycle. Off the rush, he attacks inside, cuts laterally, and tries to manipulate. On the boards, he establishes body positioning, pushes against opponents with his back and his outside edge, and keeps possession.”

F Colby Barlow, Owen Sound Attack (OHL)

Ranked 16th by Daily Faceoff and the Hockey News
A brief rundown, via Elite Prospects:
“Barlow can take a puck just about anywhere in his wheelhouse and send it right back on goal with one- and two-touch shots, one-timers, and a form-perfect wrist shot with an unlocked top arm generating a whole lot of downforce. He can get those shots off from either leg, too. It’s pretty special to watch. His sense of anticipation is a clear strength, informed by constant scanning away from the puck, and he always times his arrivals into space perfectly to make himself available as a passing option for his linemates.”

F Brayden Yager, Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL)

Ranked 16th by Corey Pronman
A brief rundown, via Elite Prospects:
“The puck absolutely explodes off his stick, no matter how compromised his body positioning appears to be during release. He rips it off either leg in just about way: two-touch, one-timer, and catch-and-release. His inside leg wrister is his signature shot, tipping his weight over his outside edge while somehow keeping his chest up and exploding through the shot. He takes every single puck directly into his shooting pocket, prepared for the next play.”

F Nate Danielson, Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL)

Ranked 16th by Bob McKenzie
A brief rundown, via Elite Prospects:
“Danielson was a creator of rush offence, building speed beneath the puck, charging through the neutral zone with possession, carving the ice up with powerful, agile crossovers, and turning the corner on opposing defenceman. Equal parts natural speed as a skater and handling skill made that a relatively effective signature move for the Wheat Kings centre.”

F Oliver Moore, U.S. National Development Program (USHL)

Ranked 16th by Craig Button
A brief rundown, via Elite Prospects:
“He’s always working to win races, be first on loose pucks, and create. Lots of skating skills: cutbacks, cuts, jabs, heel-to-heel, and more, and he uses them all at different speeds. At his best, Moore’s anticipation allows him to process plays one or two steps ahead of everyone else on the ice. Blended eye- level deception and feints clear bodies and sticks, opening up passing lanes that other, less inventive players may not be able to access.”

D Axel Sandin Pellikka, Skelleftea AIK (SHL)

Ranked 16th by Scott Wheeler
A brief rundown, via Elite Prospects:
“Sandin Pellikka is an offensive defenceman with legitimate first-unit power play upside. His puck skills, playmaking, shot, and the ability to walk an offensive blue line make him a credible scoring threat with the puck on his stick, as does his ability to process options and make plays at speed off the rush. The Swedish blueliner is an engaged defender, particularly stout between the blue lines and along the boards.”
Which player do you most want the Flames to select at 16th overall? Let us know in the comments!

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