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Morgan Klimchuk re-signs on a one year contract

The Flames have done their first piece of RFA business this offseason, re-signing left winger Morgan Klimchuk on a one year, two-way deal for $700,000.

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The 2013 first rounder has spent all but one game of his pro career with the Stockton Heat, becoming one of the team’s strongest two-way forwards in the process. A rough nine point rookie season aside, Klimchuk has developed into one of the strongest players on the Heat, picking up back-to-back 40 point seasons while seeing ice time on the powerplay and penalty kill. He saw NHL action for the first time this year, playing one game against the Boston Bruins.

Klimchuk will be one of the names battling for a spot this upcoming training camp. Given the depth accumulated by the team this offseason, he might have a tough time sneaking in, but his waiver eligible status should make the choice a bit tougher.

The Flames still have to re-sign RFAs Hunter Shinkaruk, Jon Gillies, Noah Hanifin, Mark Jankowski, Garnet Hathaway, Brett Kulak, Elias Lindholm, and David Rittich, the last five potentially going to arbitration for their contracts.


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      • LannyMac

        I see Klimchuk and Bennett in similar boats. This is there year Klimchuk is to far down the depth chart right now. He needs to go to Stockton and blow the organizations sox of in order for them to feel he is in there future if he replicates a 40 pt season in the minors I’m guessing he moves on to career outside of hockey or spends another year or two in the minors elsewhere. Bennett is huge is he a middling top 9 or more likely top 12 nhler. Or are you going to build a prominent nhl career.

    • LannyMac

      Hate to say it Jimmy but your right. He wasn’t overly aggressive, has no finesse, not a great shot, skates average. In fact everything about his game is very unassuming. Good on a kid for getting this far nothing at all to be ashamed about but I just don’t see him on a contending team.

    • MDG1600

      Everyone loves the new shiny thing they haven’t actually seen play in the NHL. I remember the good old days when everyone here was pumped on Hathaway. Hathaway is more physical, has been a far better player in the AHL if you look at ppg and +/- . Now suddenly you think Klimchuk is the better player. I am not trying to dump on Klimchuk here but he needs to be way way better than he has been if he is gonna cut it on the 4th line.

      I get that Hathaway is a marginal player but with Ferland gone the Flames don’t have much toughness and Hathaway is one of the few guys left willing to drop the mitts and stick up for a team mate.

  • That's Old Time Hockey

    Not sure how many here listen to spittin chiclets. But bissonnette said he met up with Johnny at the stampede last week & talked about how pumped he was with the offseason moves and how hard he’s working this summer. Good to hear the boys are motivated and excited for the year.

  • RKD

    Don’t know what the Flames plans are for him, he’s only played 1 NHL game but he’s had two back to back 19 goal seasons and point totals of 40 and 43 with the Heat. He could give us some speed and maybe some secondary offense.

  • FL?MES

    I would love to see a 4th line with at least 2 prospect graduates on it. I wouldn’t care how big and nasty they are. Just as long as they could blitz the other teams 4th lines relentlessly.

    And really that’s what a 4th line should be. A high energy line with a few young guys out to prove themselves – nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • Thunder1

    Klimchuk not having a shot is indicative of the better depth the Flames have on their roster this year. It’s shaping up to be a better season ahead for sure.

  • Brian McGrattan's Salute

    In a world dominated by numerical quantification, linear predictive calculus, and underlying numbers galore, I would just love to see a young buck like Morgan have a breakout season in the AHL. Seems like a good kid, and the hockey gods know we could use a good surprise after the last 15 years.

  • Just.Visiting

    Anyone else getting a popup trying to lure you into a scan of your iMac when landing on a blog here with a false claim that it is infected? I hope that this isn’t something that the site has sanctioned….

      • Just.Visiting

        I don’t like popups at all, but could live with an irritant for a real product like a car. This fake virus type popup is an obvious fraud that is designed to lure the unwary into clicking the link out of fear that their machine is actually infected. Anything of such dubious legality and morality or that potentially impacts our computer if touched crosses a boundary and should not even be considered by the owners of the site, regardless of the advertising revenue generated. Perhaps someone from the site should respond.

    • Jobu

      Jobu would suspect its either some ad with a scripted redirect in it, or someones image file with the same. (Jobu does this sort of thing for a living… the prevention… not the scamming money off redirects)

  • Garry T

    FYI James Neal, Chucky and Johnny are the only left wingers showing on our roster other than Quinne. Taking his junior career and his last two seasons in the AHL, I think Klimchuck will show that he is set to play 4LW this year. Sure hope so anyway as I think he deserves it.

    • Hockeysense9393

      FYI…your thinking is a little off and maybe your looking at a hockey site that doesn’t really have a handle on things?? Neal is primarily a left shot RW (most of his career) and Bennett is pretty much a LW. So our depth that has been considered pretty strong for years, isn’t suddenly the shallowest on the lineup. Even Frolik (left handed) could easily be put on LW and probably would be better there anyways.

  • TKO

    I’m fed up with the spam this sight promotes, especially the “emergency alert from microsoft, your computer is infected with 4 virus’ ”
    I’m about done with this sight. actually pooped up twice in the last couple minutes, even while i was trying to type this! clean your crap up Nations! or I’m outta here!