The Battle of Alberta jerseys have been unveiled for the 2023 Heritage Classic

Photo credit:Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA Today Sports
Ryan Pike
9 months ago
On Oct. 29 in Edmonton, the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers are taking their storied rivalry outdoors for the first time. And they’re doing it in style.
On Tuesday, the league unveiled the special retro jerseys to be worn by the two clubs at the 2023 Heritage Classic.
The Flames’ look is inspired by the old Calgary Stampeders hockey club, which was the city’s main team during the 1950s and 1960s. That team shared a colour palette with the current club, with a nice mix of red and white. The Flames opted to keep that clean look, accenting with the gold colour they use on the NHL sweaters only in the modified logo crest.
The Oilers went with a look inspired by the Edmonton Mercurys of the same era, albeit slightly modified for their modern blue and orange colour scheme. The only thing that significantly varies from their traditional palette are the tan/brown gloves and pants, designed to invoke leather.
In two previous Heritage Classic appearances, the Flames dipped into other areas for unique looks. In 2011, against Montreal, the Flames went heavily into red and gold for a look inspired by the Calgary Tigers of the 1920s. They went a bit less daring in 2019, against Winnipeg, opting for a road white version of their beloved 1980s retro set – that jersey eventually became the full-time road jersey. This jersey continues the Calgary Time Machine trend.
In 2003, the Oilers went retro with a 1980s-inspired white jersey, while in 2016 they went unique and chose a look that leaned heavily orange. This jersey gets back to their retro roots.
The 2023 Heritage Classic goes Oct. 29 in Edmonton.
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